Monday, September 24, 2018

The Task And Finish Report We've All Been Waiting And Seeing For....Read It Here For Yourself.

Below is the independent report re: 
Taxi and private hire vehicle licensing... 
Recommendations for a safer and more robust system

This report is said to set out the Task and Finish Group's recommendations on taxi and private hire vehicle licensing.

Click on this link below to download the report:

This report presents the views and recommendations of the Task and Finish Group’s Chair on taxi and private hire vehicle licensing.

This weeks Staristics from TfL :

Taxi and Private Hire
Information about the number and type of licence issued will be updated regularly. The following figures cover the week ending Sunday 23 September 2018:

Taxi driver licences - 23,493: a decrease of 8 on the previous week, 13 licences are new. Of those taxi drivers, 20,559 hold All London licences, and 2,934 hold Suburban licences.

Taxi vehicle licences - 20,519: a decrease of 11 on the previous week, 28 licences are new.

Private hire driver licences - 109,042: a decrease of 150 on the previous week, 101 licences are new.

Private hire vehicle licences - 87,576: an increase of 91 on the previous week, 480 licences are new.

Private hire operator licences - 2,315: an increase of 2 on the previous week, 6 licences are new.

Knowledge of London 
The number of candidates studying the Knowledge of London is currently;
1,349 at Stage 3 (down 4 from last week).
410 at Stage 4 (down 5 from last week).
281 at Stage 5 (down 3 from last week).

In addition, as of August 2018, there were 4,252 candidates that had not yet reached Stage 3 (this figure may include inactive candidates).


Anonymous said...

Restricted hours tachometer in cabs ??????

Anonymous said...

It need be made clear that the introduction of limiting working hours for buses and lorries was to prevent employers pushing their employees beyond what they could manage. Since taxi drivers are self employed and can't be bullied into doing work they can't manage. The recommendation would serve to hinder the driver and the consumer. Especially when you have been sitting on the rank all day and not driving!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm, makes that £75000 new electric taxi(after interest on 65k), all the more appealing!

Anonymous said...

Aye so my anonymous at 7.45 but let’s face it nothing can be put passed TFL nothing just means the likes of uber will be put on to a 3 shift system oh 8 hrs per shift TFL don’t want us look before uber come here and look now Knolwedge at an all time low no one interested in doing it because it’s simply not worth it

Anonymous said...

Just more regulations at taxi, whereas the problems are not with taxis, therefore the only additional regulations should be with private hire or uber. We seem to get punished and enforced against for their failings.