Thursday, September 13, 2018

Uber drivers in Denmark must pay fine for every ride, supreme court rules

The Danish supreme court on Thursday ratified fines given to four Uber drivers for operating illegally, paving the way for similar fines on a further 1,500 drivers.

The four taxi drivers, one of whom was fined 486,500 Danish crowns ($78,060), were charged with failing to have permits and for violating a law introduced to combat Uber which imposed extra rules on taxis operating in Denmark.

After launching its service in Denmark in 2014, Uber Technologies Inc was criticized by taxi driver unions, companies and politicians who said the company posed unfair competition by not meeting legal standards required for established taxi firms.

"We are very disappointed for the drivers involved and our top priority is to support them during this difficult time," an Uber spokeswoman said.

"We are changing the way we do business and are operating in line with local laws across Europe, connecting with professionally licensed drivers," she said.

The landmark case means the police can issue a fine for each individual ride made by Uber's more than 1,500 drivers in the country between 2014 and 2017. 

A spokesman for the Copenhagen police said it would assess the verdict and decide next week how to proceed.

Parliament passed a law in February 2017 that introduced more stringent requirements on taxis, such as mandatory fare meters and seat sensors. The new rules prompted Uber's withdrawal.

The company has previously said it would pay any fine given to its drivers, according to Danish newspaper Berlingske

Source : Rueters


Meanwhile here in London, our largest org’s General Secretary Steve McNamara says they, the LTDA will not be contesting the Uber verdict from conflict of interest Judge Emma Arbuthnot. 

Even though Uber admitted in court they were operating illegally, there are no plans to take the responsible TfL directors to court for knowingly allowing Yber to operate illegally for 6 years .... (the proof is available) 

Driver opinion:

Drivers are now wondering if Steve McNamara is actually representing the best interests of his membership, or the best interests of TfL?


Anonymous said...

I do think the ltda are a wonderful org and its great fun waiting for a knock on the window for the guy waving the m an s vouchers, it makes my day go so much quicker knowing i might be next to win the vouchers, remember, it could be you!

Anonymous said...

Easily solved orgs dont exist without members beggars belief what representation members feel they are getting??

Butterboy Roy said...

Unfortunately a flash glossy magazine does not feed the family when a whole trade is up against an uber loving government and all those that regulate seemingly hell bent on destroying the trade. The facts are the trade is finished while we have regulations forcing us to buy £70k vehicles and face unfair biased competition that can use a benefits blessed exploited workforce. I see the only hope is if they either ban all private cars from London or Corbyn gets in and sorts out worker rights so that the likes of uber can't exist.

Anonymous said...

Yes Roy, we need Corbyn in to sort out workers rights, get rid of these zero hours contracts and the gig economy, or make them play by the same rules and they will crumble, thing is, lots of taxi drivers still vote for the CONservatives even after the uber cameron/osborne/boris scandal!

Anonymous said...

Can’t see how you can sort out workers rights when you are self employed.

Anonymous said...

its all well and good hoping for a new government---who created tfl,and the mayor of london---LABOUR,and was livingstone a friend of the taxi trade? when is the london taxi trade going to get off its apathetic arse and do something?no good whingeing and expecting others to do our fighting for us.

Anonymous said...

Im not talking about the taxi trade 11.48. we are already finished! Im looking to the future and workers rights in our new jobs! The CONservatives are the ones who have fcuked us well and truly, ken only got a bad rep for getting unemployed people on the knowledge with funding, but it was cameron, osborne and boris who actually finished us off with uber, and at least ken used the taxi every day, always wanted shoot up hill and avoid edgware road , from parliament, that Conservative home secretary got mugged of his phone outside Euston station waiting for his uber! Make no mistake, the reason our trade is finished is the GREEDY CONservatives, but carry on voting for them, buy a new electric taxi, pay the bankers 4-8% on every card job, and maybe train as the defib bloke, in the knowledge we are truly the best in the world!

Anonymous said...

Thing is 11.34, we aint got no bottle! The french could teach us a thing or two on how to demonstrate, they do what they want and the authorities have to respond, we ask permission and get told by the police you can stand here for an hour, then fuck off! you" re causing a disruption and will be arrested! We lost the battle on the first demo, when s mc said we won"t demonstrate on june 12 or whatever as planned as its the queens garden party, (attended by cameron and boris),lets not disrupt that in other words, lets hold it the week after(when no one is put out), you couldn"t make it up, battle lost on day 1!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting, about self employment status. Does a self employed electrician get told how much to charge, does a self employed man with a van get told which van he may use. We are self employed but forced to comply with practices that make us uncompetitive with a competition that does not. Here lies the problems. We accept these compliance things for the exclusive rights, but if those exclusive rights are destroyed by allowing any uber, Tom Dick or Harry to do it, then we must be allowed to uncomply and just use any vehicle and charge what we wish. You see they either want a regulated taxi service or not.

Anonymous said...

You hit the nail on the head 10.40, hit the nail on the head! {donald styly}

Anonymous said...

yes 10.40,they want their cake and want to eat it too,on one hand they,re forcing us to buy£60,000 electric taxis that can take wheelchair bound passengers at OUR expense then let that shower of shit uber drive a horse and cart through the cab law compete illegally,pay no tax in this country and pay so little in a lot of cases the taxpayers of britain are subsidising there operation through tax credits to they,re drivers,whos going to transport wheelchair bound passengers when we,re extinct?

Anonymous said...

Appreciate 1.09 comments and viewpoint towards conservatives but Ken really did start the rot, was it not him who licensed private hire, re phased traffic lights to justify congestion charge and set up TFL. Under control of MET there was a vested interest to keep things in order. Licensing private hire gave credibility to them and allowed the likes of Addison Lee to flourish and the start of the loss of traditional work.

In turn this has left us exposed to points as raised by 10.40 because by the creation of TFL how can it be right they can control a system that has a serious conflict of interest by being two tiered, you either raise the standards on one system or lower those of the other. I agree the conservatives have certainly done nothing to protect us but neither has Sadiq . Basically in the end the natural market will suffice and we will uncomply as it will be unregulated. To this end Serious questions must be asked of the LTDA because they should have been instrumental in protecting our rights.

I feel really sorry for newcomers into the trade to have such a poor return to the investment made doing the knowledge. All I would say though is look at modern history before you consider Labour because all they create is collateral damage and is that any good for future generations.