Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Pimlico’s Charlie, Pipes Up On Uber’s Relicense Deal... By Pimlico Plumbers Charlie Mullins

You would have to be a blind man not to realise that half the people in the driver's seats of Uber vehicles don't have legally obtained UK driving licences. They are traffic menaces, and there is no way some of the people actually doing the driving have personally passed a UK test.

So, it's obvious that many of the drivers didn't sit the test themselves, so are not safe in terms of their ability to drive paying passengers in a motor vehicle Or possibly worse, they are not who they say they are, and are using a fake, stolen or 'borrowed' licence, leaving passengers exposed to an entirely different threat of harm.

Either way this whole situation is putting passengers at risk, and is going to end badly for someone very soon, and when it does, Sadiq Khan is going to have blood on his hands.

To be honest I don't care that Uber has been put on probation for 15 months by TFL. One minute they were a public safety risk and the next they are back in business. They whole thing stinks like a criminal climb-down. 

I wouldn't put myself at risk by getting into one of their cars, and I certainly wouldn't let any of my loved ones do so either, and on that basis Londoners should not be exposed to this type of risk, from an organisation that is officially given the 'okay' by our own mayor.


You are absolutely correct Charlie. It has since been discovered that the chief Magistrate in their appeal case (and also in the Reading case) Emma Arbuthnot, has a conflict of interest (through her husband Baron James Arbuthnot) and should never have sat on the cases. 

We are presently fighting for a retrial but are up against the Tory Chumocracy that saw Uber given a smooth ride over the last 6 years even through they operated and still do, illegally. 

TfL are making a fortune out of Uber and stand to make even more when the new pricing structure is put in place 

Therefore TfLs top directors have put profit above public safety with the catchphrase 

"It’s what London wants". 

This and a limp mayor’s team is what we are up against. 



Anonymous said...

well said charlie, well said!

greenbadgejohn said...

Nothing has changed.... its only shifted to Private hire operators

There are those of us Taxi drivers of a certain age can remember when certain Taxi companys with brightly painted coloured wheels were presented by a garage grease monkey to the pco at penton street and sailed out with plates under their arms whilst the rest of us had our taxis up on the ramps being pulled apart....

This chumocracy existed way back when before mini cabs were "licensed" and now they are the people at the top who are being bunged... so no surpises there eh?

The Met eventually sort out the crooked inspectors but as TFL are too big for even the ombudsmans office to involve themselves with (I know as I tried)... and the met is now governed by the Mayors office, chumocracy is officially approved by the lawmakers in our trade for a silver shilling....what a disgrace for the country which created the magna carta!

Be lucky