Tuesday, September 11, 2018

It Used To Be Lions Lead By Sheep, But Now It's Sheep Lead By Sheep....by Jim Thomas

Tuesday 11 September : Just been informed that at a meeting earlier today, the United Trade Group (UTG) agreed not to support Chris Johnson’s Limb B Action, even though most of them had no idea what his action is about and hadn’t even read any of his posts on social media. 

They (the UTG) admitted they hadn’t read and didn’t understand Chris Johnson’s action...so
Why didn’t they invite him or SPD to explain it to them at this meeting ?

Also at the meeting, Steve McNamara announced he (the LTDA) would not be objecting to the Uber court case decision, as he didn’t think we could win.

If Steve thinks we can’t win an objection against Uber’s appeal judgement, when it has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that the Chief Magistrate (Emma Arbuthnot) had a direct conflict of interest (though her husband Baron Arbuthnot) and has since been banned from any future Uber cases/trials, then why is he fronting the consortium case for compensation, asking drivers to sign up without first seeing any T&Cs. (Strange that!)

More interestingly, did they take minutes, so we can check exactly what was said ?

It seems like the LTDA have rolled over every time, every conflict, scared to act, scared to upset TfL, scared to represent the rank and file who pay their wages. 

We are losing rank spaces, bus lane access, access to the Bank Junction, Tottenham Court Road, and all we get from our largest org is “let’s wait and see”.

More recently they cancelled branch meetings, they scrapped a branch, they cancelled the branch election... and they just keep getting away with it.
This is getting more like a SitCom.

In my opinion, this trade is no longer represented democratically, it appears we are now part of a self styled dictatorship lead by Steve Mc and all the other orgs appear to be too frightened to upset him and so, do as they’re told.

It’s now up to you the drivers alone, to fight for the trades survival on the streets. 

Your orgs appear not to be representing you best interests.... some never did and some never even entered the ring when the bell went for the start of round 1.

EXTRA COMMENT : from Chris Johnson.
My understanding of the all trade meeting yesterday is: @Sammyscarf & Micky Walker argued for supporting a claim for worker rights:
but the other 4 orgs/unions didn't support.

TAXI LEAKS EXTRA BIT : by Patric Lynch. 
Last week, the London Taxi trade lots 114 drivers....that's apart from the ones who have taken other jobs but are holding on to their licenses!

Licences issued
Information about the number and type of licence issued will be updated regularly. The following figures cover the week ending Sunday 9 September 2018:

Taxi driver licences - 23,426: a decrease of 114 on the previous week, 10 licences are new. Of those taxi drivers, 20,479 hold All London licences, and 2,947 hold Suburban licences.

Taxi vehicle licences - 20,537: a decrease of 19 on the previous week, 28 licences are new.
Private hire driver licences - 109,613: a decrease of 177 on the previous week, 110 licences are new.
Private hire vehicle licences - 87,426: a decrease of 21 on the previous week, 415 licences are new.
Private hire operator licences - 2,316: a decrease of 3 on the previous week, 2 licences are new.


Anonymous said...

And we wonder why people are leaving the trade and most of all not signing up to do the Knolwedge will the LTDA be representing OH in the near future

Anonymous said...

look at the bigger picture

only an Ostrich can't see that we, like the Miners, are FINISHED

the ORGS have a potential 100,000 new members (private hire drivers), waiting in the wings

in the meantime, they're not going to upset the hand that's currently feeding them i.e. their current advertisers, by supporting this 'action'

as so many others have said - it's ALL about the money

Sam said...

We now know that SMC meet with My Taxi on Monday then with other orgs on Tuesday to discuss Chris Johnson’s action .
You have to wonder what done deal was struck between Steve and his biggest advertiser in Taxi paper !

No wonder he don’t want minutes of his meetings taken
He don’t want his members knowing what deals he’s up to

Anonymous said...

Thing is the LTDA can’t represent us if we went on strike what would happen nothing the public would just use PH but if the LTDA represents PH it’s a different ball game as if they go on strike they hit the company’s pocket so we are finished

Anonymous said...

im staying with the ltda, you can win m an s vouchers worth £100, all you do is have diary at front of taxi on show, and its just £17 a month to enter,,,,,,,,,,,,win win!

Anonymous said...

I’m speechless Just proves what many of us have thought for a long time the LTDA need to grow a pair. We desperate Need an org with a pair.

Anonymous said...

In stevie mc we trust, he"s a good businessman, like the CONservatives, he cares about us and will look after us ! Keep paying your £17 boys, and keep voting CON, you know it makes sense!