Monday, August 06, 2018

Nissan e-NV200 Taxi Saves Fleets So Much Cash That It’s Like Getting A License To Print Money

British taxi company C&C Taxi from St. Austell was already featured by Nissan as one of the LEAF and e-NV200 pioneers. 

Now, it turns out that by switching to EVs, C&C acquired a license to print money (no, not really), saving over €79,000 in 18 months on fleet costs.

According to the press release, the annual savings per car on fuel alone in the UK stands at €11,374 (£8,500) or over $12,000.

To make savings like that you need to drive a lot, and to drive a lot you need to charge a lot, and to charge a lot you need to do it fast so C&C installed two DC quick chargers – one at its office and one in an industrial estate. The result is 77,000 miles (123,000 km) in just 12 months for one of the cars, which translates to some 6,400 miles (10,250 km) a month!

Neither C&C Taxi nor Nissan provided the total payback period for the cars (including fast chargers) compared to conventional cars, which maybe would convince more taxi companies to switch to EVs.

Nissan’s Director of Electric Vehicles, Jean Pierre Diernaz explains the significance of C&C’s experience, commenting:
“C&C Taxis proves once again that Nissan electric vehicles work extremely well as taxis with huge cost savings for the business and big benefits to CO₂ emissions and air quality. These cars work hard, averaging 40 taxi fares and 240 km (150 miles) per day with zero reliability issues. It just works!”

C&C Taxi Fleet Manager Mark Richards commented:
“We have had such a positive experience with our Nissan LEAF fleet, even the drivers, who were anxious to start with are now very happy to drive a 100 percent electric car. They tell us a 10 hour shift is less tiring with an EV and the e-NV200 we have now means we can extend that experience to the drivers who were previously in diesel minibuses.”

“People often say that electric cars are just for cities, but we are in one of the most beautiful and rural counties of England with no cities or even motorways and they are working amazingly well for us. We are a family owned business and this is not a vanity project, this is something that is that is saving us money and getting us extra business.”

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Anonymous said...

wheres the goverment going to recover its lost fuel duty when we all go electric?why through the electric needed to charge the batteries,this will be heavily taxed [ bit like the red diesal scenario ]and anyone charging their vehicles not through an official [heavily taxed]charging system will be taken to court to face criminal charges

Amy said...

So, for airport work, how many hundred miles a day can a vehicle drive? Can you recharge at motorway services whilst your passengers make a quick visit to the toilets?
Do they have 8 passenger seats AND baggage room for 16 cases?

I think I know the answer to all these questions, which is why I asked them.
For many firms there is only one answer, we already have it.

Anonymous said...

Every householder in the UK is being badgered into having smart meters fitted, This is because the government is eventually going to introduce a third tier energy tariff to monitor high consumption usage only electric vehicles can feasibly draw (unless you live in a property where 15 kettles are turned on and off for longish periods daily & nightly at exactly the same time) and much cheaper 'off peak' supply packages will return to encourage manageable usage and help electricity suppliers cope.

The third tier electric tax will return higher chargeable rated tax revenues to the government and every electric vehicle manufacturer who sells an vehicle will be obliged to fill in a forms grassing owners up highlighting precise electricity consumption draw-down... like a vehicle fingerprint (not to mention the DVLA who holds owner address details)

So to all electric vehicle owners right now, fill your boots whilst it lasts because there 'will' be a total electric vehicle sold 'tipping point' and when that time comes, all electric vehicle driving costs will escalate significantly, for the good of the planet....of course.

Its a complete no brainer.

Be Lucky


Sara said...

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