Sunday, August 19, 2018

LCDC Chairman Grant Davis Calls For a uber Re-Trial After Vested Interest Claim In National Press.

As news broke yesterday (which we already new) that Uber appeal Judge Emma Arbuthnot and her husband had a vested interest in the Minicab App Uber, first one up to the plate early this morning, was the London Cab Drivers Club. 

They took to social media:
Once again it surfaces of "vested interests" & the Cab Trade maybe not getting a fair hearing in the Courts over UBER - Plan B ?

Drivers immediately were calling for action on the street and one prominent trade rep said "I’m sure someone’s arranging the placards as we speak".

London Cab Drivers Club Chairman Grant Davis, made this statement earlier this morning:

The Taxi trade needs to come together and Demonstrate against yet another injustice we have had to endure. We need a full investigation from the legal Ombudsman and a Re-trial .
Complete stitch up again.

It will be very interesting over the next few days to see if Reading Council call for a re-trial after their verdict from Emma Arbuthnot went again in Uber's favour!

Read the damming article which appeared on-line in the Observer yesterday. 

Taken from the LCDC face book group.

TAXI LEAKS EXTRA BIT : by Lenny Etheridge 
One of Uber's QC's stated, during the Uber license appeal, that Jo Bertram committed perjury, to win a case.

Judge Emma #Arbuthnot never batted an eyelid.

Why was this serious crime not taken any further by the judiciary?

Bertram lied during employment and during meter cases!



Anonymous said...

Great stuff I was wondering when the trade would grow some balls and fight the corruption. Also lets not forget the judge that resided over the taximeter case he was also 'select!'
Also be careful this government doesnt like free speech, outrageous!

Editorial said...

How come the LTDA, the ones with the so called wonderful legal team, ain’t all over this
What are they waiting and seeing about now ???

Editorial said...

LTDA say they’ve sent a letter!!!!!!
I bet Emma Arbuthnot is quaking in her Christian Louboutin‘s 😂😂😂

Anonymous said...
The spokesman for the judiciary said the chief magistrate and her husband had been unaware that the QIA was an investor in Uber or had any links to it. Grant Davis obviously didn't read this article, where the get out of jail free card is olayed by a third party!

Anonymous said...

dont tell me the ltda didnt know the connection between the judge & uber sold out again by the ltda but never mind you might win £25 M&S VOUCHER for you £16 a month subs pathetic

colin said...

Don't forget Uber paid Tfl's court costs,no wonder anyone leaving Tfl has to sign a confidentiality agreement,TFL ROTTEN TO THE CHORE,BENT AS A NINE BOB NOTE.