Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Solidarity : Striking Spanish Taxi Drivers Sleep Out As Blockade Reaches Seventh Day #HuelgaTaxis

While the London Taxi trade explore the possibility of bringing a class action law suit against Uber, Spanish Taxi drivers take to the street in a second week of blockades across the country. 
Ride-share companies Uber and Cabify have suspended services as the protests turned violent. 

Thousands of Licensed Taxi drivers across Spain have joined a strike against ride-hailing companies like Uber, demanding the government restrict their numbers.

The striking taxi drivers, some of whom have been camping out for many days, say the services threaten their livelihood and are putting thousands of jobs at risk.

As a result, they have blocked main roads in the capital, Madrid, and in Barcelona with their parked cars.

A meeting on Monday to attempt to end the strike failed to reach a deal.

Taxi unions want the government to enforce a law which requires just one ride-hailing licence for every 30 taxi licences.

According to Spanish newspaper El Pais, the government offered to give licensing powers to each of the regions during a four-hour meeting. This was rejected by taxi representatives, who say it would not fix the issue, but just pass it along.

The meeting is due to resume later on Monday in the hope of finding a resolution.

Union representatives said in a statement that "Uber and Cabify are putting the viability of the taxi sector and 130,000 jobs at risk", adding it "considers this unfair competition intolerable".

The strike began in Barcelona last Wednesday, after the Spanish government appealed against a ruling by the Barcelona authorities that limited the number of licences for taxi services booked by smartphone apps.

Madrid, Valencia, Bilbao and Seville are all following in Barcelona's footsteps and are calling their own stoppages, causing widespread disruption.

The strike is now trending on Twitter, with the hashtag "HuelgaTaxis" generating thousands of tweets, with people sharing pictures of the strikes in their areas


Action is set to continue as talks with the respective authorities broke done in deadlock earlier today 

They know what needs to happen 
We know what needs to happen 

Trouble is, our largest org General Secretary believes that drivers who protest are Loonies. 
So that's 11,000 member subscribers who won't be informed!!!


colin said...

Punch & Judy says,,,,,That's the way to do it.

Anonymous said...

Let’s face it Jim it will not happen here

steve sholder said...

Total respect for the Spanish taxi drivers.

Anonymous said...

suppose we,ll be hearing it soon from our orgs-----we don,t condone such action blah blah blah,thought the lcdc was going after tfl,what happened about that?perhaps it wants members of these orgs to go after their representitives