Thursday, July 12, 2018

Shock For Drivers With Electric Taxis, Using Feeder Park, Touting At Heathrow on Behalf Of Uber, Plus Uber To Offer Cash Option To Facilitate Uber Ranks.

With the news that a new £1.5m state of the art system is to be introduced to run the feeder park (Taxi Expert), the Trade also found out at the bi monthly Heathrow liaison meeting, that drivers with the new electric Taxi can’t charge their vehicles while going through the system. 

Drivers with the new LEVC will have to charge their vehicles before they enter the system in the same way drivers with diesel Taxis have to fill up before going through the FP. 

This will mean an extra wait of 45 minutes before they join the queue to go through the feeder. 

This is the statement published in this months copy of the Badge Taxi paper, authored by LCDC airport rep Jamie Hawes 

1. Electric Cabs: Protocol for Electric Taxis entering the Taxi Feeder Park:

HAL have informed the trade that before long there will be no waiting whilst charging at Heathrow. Drivers of electric taxis will have to charge up their cabs before entering the system in the same way that any other driver must operate when filling up with Diesel or LPG-that is charge/fuel before putting on. 

This may come as a little bit of a shock to those drivers who have signed up to a hefty financial agreement to own the LEVC taxi with the encouragement of TfL and HAL by way of free charge points, only to now find that they must waste 45 min before entering the feeder park rather than be able to charge up whilst waiting. 

It was pointed out that this being the case the positioning of the chargers in the North Park was a complete waste of time in that it only leaves less space for drivers entering or leaving. 

No Matter, what HAL wants, HAL gets.

See whole article in this months Badge, download here:


News coming through today that Uber want to give their customers the option to pay by cash in cities which include London. It's alleged the reasoning behind this is so they can offer an on demand service from ranks in Airports, festivals and mainline rail stations.

Information staff at Heathrow caught bang to rights touting on behalf of Uber. Staff are actively directing passengers away from the Taxi rank to an Uber booking facility.

See this video from our man at Heathrow.


Where is the Union that seems to have the most power at Heathrow, Unite. 

Why haven't their reps stopped this blatant touting???


Anonymous said...

Well after the meeting this coming Monday maybe it will be uber ranking up at the feeder this trade goes from bad to worse so we have a meeting Monday to promote the knowledge who in there right mind would spend out for a Knolwedge bike the cost of running it plus knowledge fees all equipment spending I’d say close to £5000/6000 pounds or just get a PH license and do exactly what we have earned the right to do there is a reason no one is doing the Knolwedge and it’s simple it’s not worth a toss anyone who says different needs to wake up sorry James but this trade has lost the bloody plot

Anonymous said...

I studied electronics for 4 years, day release and evening class at college., soldered transitors, capacitors resistors together. Its all gone away. Its now the inegrated circuit
What did I do, I learnt something else......
Its not the fitest or the strogets that survive, its those who can adapt to change .......

Anonymous said...

Jimmy,I don't know what keeps you going son
I just hope you never stop caring