Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Reading Verdict, No Consistency From Judge Emma Arbuthnot

You just couldn’t make it up 

Judge Emma Arbuthnot finds Uber Driver in Reading not guilty 

Now there’s a surprise...not 😂

Last week, in the Transport for London versus Uber Case, judge Arbuthnot agreed with the defence that Uber drivers do not accept jobs directly in their vehicle... she agreed they are accepted first by Uber LL before being passed to the driver.  Uber LL are not licensed to operate in Reading as they have been refused an operators licence by Reading council.

In the evidence, judge Arbuthnot agreed that it is the driver who accepts the job....a complete reversal of what she said in the London TfL v Uber fit and proper case.

So, what happened to the triple licensing protocol?

Uber are not licensed in Reading so who did they subcontract the job to, for the the job to be offered back to the driver?

Are Uber alleging 'they' subcontracted the job to the driver who accepted in his vehicle....but is the driver holding an operators licence for Reading?

As the song says....there are more, questions than answers !!!


Where is our largest org with its million pound war chest, and specialist legal team?

Where are the legal objections and appeals? 

What are the members paying subscription for?

Will this be another case of “lets wait and see what happens in 15 months” .....???



Readings QC Charles Holland, argued that Uber didn't hold a licence for the Reading area and that the company and driver were plying for hire using their smart phone app. 

The case against drive Mudassar Ali was bought by Reading Council after he was found waiting to be offered work on the app while parked up in a street in Reading. 

Judge Arbuthnot said as the car had no distinctive markings (apparently the TfL roundels were not distinctive enough) it couldn't be said that it was crying out "I'm for hire".

Uber was again represented by Phillip Kolvin QC, who managed to get all charges dismissed.


Anonymous said...

Well you think that’s bad wait until the 16th of July city hall the end of the road for the Knolwedge it’s a done deal we will all be working of an app sooner than we think James and the schools know it there finished it’s a bloody shame

Anonymous said...

The existing case law had to be superseded citing new technology. This is no more than a three ringed circus to ligitmise Uber. The verdict was predictable when Arbuthnot was drafted in. Gone now is any posibility of a class action against TfL. Well done!

Anonymous said...

we been ubered by the Con-servatives, well done anyone who voted for them, the games finished, anyone wana rent an electric taxi for £350 a week? buy one for £75k after interest?

Anonymous said...

Clearly the end of the road for taxis, even though I expect legitimate private hire will die as well. I would not invest in a new taxi, would be just plain crazy with all the government and judges seemingly in it to be against taxi and for uber. Taxi finished. I fear even getting rid of Tories will not do it now because to late.

Anonymous said...