Wednesday, July 18, 2018

As The Gig Economy Brings Our Trade To Its Knees, Should The PM Be Tried For Treason???

Ever wondered why London is dying on its feet?
Uber eats, Deliveroo etc are killing the restaurants, Netflix is killing cinemas and theatre. 
People are just too lazy to go out.

Then we have the zombies who want everything cut price, saying:
"Why should I have to walk around looking for a Taxi to flag down, when I can use an app!"

These are the lost soles (the walking dead) who are having their phones taken off them by riders on mopeds (taking candy off of babies comes to mind). 

You see them night after night, phone gazing outside restaurants (with 5 or 6 Taxis ranked up orange light glowing) waiting up to 20 minutes for an Uber driver who can't find the street let alone the location. Seeing them throw their hands in the air after the second Uber. Drivers has cancelled at £6 a pop. Or sigh in disbelief when they're told owing to availability, prices have surged by x2.5

They don't see the procession of orange lights driving passed them, along the street, as their focus is firmly fixed to their small phone screen, watching icons move around like ants. We are told that this isn't plying for trade ( plying for hire) as this isn't in real time but actually a screen saver......this is another lie told at the Uber 'is it a meter' case.

Jeff Bezos announced his net worth $150b, marking HM the richest man in history. High streets are being devastated by his internet shopping company Amazon, with packages being delivered by migrant workers bought here from outside the EU to work at less than the minimum wage, by politicians who tell us we have to help these poor unprotected 25 year old children! 

In 1649, Charles 1st was led out through a window to a raised platform in front of Banqueting House on Whitehall and executed on the authority of Oliver Cromwell. 
He had been found guilty of treason for raising an army of Dutch soldiers to fight against Englishmen. 

This is no more than what successive governments have done by flooding the UK market with migrant workers from outside the EU, to work below the minimum rate and take jobs away from the indigenous working classes. 

Should Theresa May and her cabinet be put on trial for treason???

Welcome to the gig economy

TAXI LEAKS EXTRA BIT : by Pail Sweeney 

What has happened to my London !! 
Today on Cromwell Road some lunatic in Black old Audi was driving like complete nut. Basically driving with no respect or regards for our laws. He nearly hit a few pedestrians and missed me by inches. I wound the window down and this idiot, then drove in front of me and got out in heavy Traffic. He was Albanian type, put his head inside my driver window. Lifted his tee shirt, to reveal large knife inside his jean belt area. 

Normally red mist would have descended. And I would have lost it. This was different and something told me to act calm and cool. Which I did and told the piece of scum to disappear sharpish. Best bit and I never ever go down this route was to phone the Metropolitan Police. 
Guess what, Unfortunately they do not have any available cars in the area? 
We are talking about Central London here. 

Welcome to Third World 🌍 Tory London.


Stormy Tempest said...

The whole lot of them should be tried for treason, abuse of & malpractice in public office, lying, conniving, accepting bribes in the form of 'after dinner' speaking engagements & 'consultancies' for work they'll never do, in jobs they have no idea about.
May, Javid, Johnson, Grayling, Cameron and Osborne, along with the heads of any civil service department & TFL, who complied with or aided and abetted the likes of Uber to lie, mislead, perjure themselves and break the law, should all feel the full weight of the law and have their assets seized as the proceeeds of crime.
Just don't let Emma Arbuthnot sit in judgement. She should be in the dock alongside the aforementioned rabble.

colin said...

Myself & another driver (friend) on Marylebone 2 nights ago were threatened to have acid thrown in our faces by a tout whilst 4 cabs sat on the rank waiting for what he didn't want,you could tell he may well have been borne in London but the back ground was not from the Uk,i rang the Police but gave up as it kept saying you are on hold,my daughter who is plod said they can not cover the amount of calls coming in,May when home secretary done a lot of damage to the police already bogged down with masses of paperwork.
And to be honest i cant wait to retire & get away from this war zone called London.

Anonymous said...

If every black cab fitted a phone jammer.
You can but them on the internet.
If would fuck the lot of them.
No sat nav or phones there world caves in.
Simple but highly effective if we all got them.
About £120
I thank you

Editorial said...

Anon, there is a massive flaw in your plan
These devices are totally illegal as they would also effect emergency services communications
It’s quite a serious nick and we could never condone this under circumstance

Anonymous said...

London now one complete lawless dump, and this spreads out to the M25. All the standards and discipline we grew up with now dumbed down, all run by complete idiots. Don’t want to make this a political rant, but remember Blair, livingstone Clegg, now the Tories and god forbid Corbin and his ilk.

What have we got to look forward to? These types mentioned would kill for a quid and have no compunction about it, very soon we will all Carry guns. The whole thing is on a precipice we have had austerity for ten years now and no sign of it abating. This is not gloom and doom just realistic statement of fact. Look around at the ineptitude, we are surrounded by, we have the bbc looking to appeal the Cliff Richard case when they were bang to rights guilty, for heavens sake we pay the licence fee, how much more money do they want to waste on our behalf. As the national broadcaster they have become a disgrace, as we know they do not serve us and are symptomatic of all that is wrong.

Will the last man standing turn off his light.

Anonymous said...

I believe they want us to turn to vigilantism, which leads to chaos (even more chaotic than now!). The footage of the two scaffolders chasing muggers down the street the other week is evidence of this. If those two scaffolders were not arrested by the police then it sets a precedent, that it is legal to take the law into your own hands.

If that is the case then Khan can repay the extra council tax we (the ones who pay) have all paid for worthless this policing. On the State of London Debate he stated that he has charged us the maximum he can, yet crime is visible everywhere, and the low-lifes that have always been there in the background are getting more and more confident that they can do what they want without consequences.

Anonymous said...

All this, and yet the workers stil vote for the thieving CONS, totally screwed us up, yet believe all the hype against corbyn, if he had done anything illegal like CON Cameron, Con osborne, Con boris bunter etc, it would have been plastered all over this right wing press,but it hasn", because he is clean as a whistle, instead we get press covering up those CON artists, and lots of our rank and vile vote for them stil, you couldn"t make it up!