Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Wolverhampton Minicabi protest off after council bosses threaten legal action

The West Midlands Private Hire Drivers’ Association (WMPHDA) had organised the ‘go-slow’ protest for Thursday over Wolverhampton Council’s private hire licensing system, which they say makes to too easy for people to get a licence. 

It was due to take place on Thursday and could have seen the city centre grind to a standstill, with hundreds of drivers travelling from all over the country to take part. 

But the protest has now been called off after the authority threatened to invoke legislation designed to stop car cruisers, which forbids large numbers of vehicles driving in a convoy or causing an obstruction on a public highway, whether moving or stationary. 

Bosses at the WMPHDA say they plan to apply for a temporary suspension lifting the injunction, allowing them to run the protest at a later date. 

Spokesman Shaz Saleem said: “Due to the bullying tactics of Wolverhampton Council, Thursday’s protest has now been postponed. 

Shaz Saleem, Ebrahim Suleman and Raheel Shah have helped stage previous taxi protests in the city 

“This is not the end of the matter. We will be applying for the injunction to be lifted temporarily, and we are also looking at other protests such as a walking march through the city. 

"If the council wants to play games we will fight back.” 

The protest was to see private hire vehicles drive through the city at 20mph. 

It was widely publicised on social media and had attracted interest from drivers from all over the country. 

Council licensing manager Chris Howell, said the authority had not received official confirmation that the protest was off. 

He added: “The council are in discussions with the organisers, to ensure that the safety of the public is not unduly compromised, and will continue to seek an agreement through dialogue which will prevent drivers from carrying out a reckless and potentially illegal protest within our city.”


flickflucker said...

A constant stream of people crossing a zebra crossing (if there are 2 close together so you can make a circle) will bring a road to a stand still as no car can pass.
Maybe done in several strategical places.

Unknown said...

Dear Lee,
Please read and respond email to Licensing committee members
Thank you for your email and attachment.
Firstly we are pleased that you have abandoned the misinformed claims that our drivers are
vetted to an inferior standard and instead chosen to focus the debate on the impact that the
changes from the Deregulation Act (and in our view also technology) have had on the
existing private hire and black cab trades in some areas. Whilst we do not accept the figures
you provided we accept that markets which were previously a 'closed shop' are now exposed
to competition and this has inevitably reduced prices for customers and revenues for drivers.
Secondly, we carry out over twenty proactive compliance operations a month across the UK
and have never refused a request from another local authority to carry out joint operations in
areas where our vehicles operate. Additionally, our drivers are obliged to comply with
reasonable requests from Licensing Officers in other areas and if one of our drivers were to
refuse such to cooperate and request to see a signed letter of authority from us we would
view this as grounds for a review of the driver’s licence and potentially revocation of their
Finally, we are satisfied that our operators are acting in accordance with our conditions
which are legally sound.
In relation to the protest we are in discussions with the organisers and will continue to seek
an agreement through dialogue which will prevent drivers from carrying out a reckless and
potentially illegal protest within our city.

Anonymous said...

Like I said uber are going to be re licensed it’s a done deal if you ask me it’s game over for the Knolwedge of London will uber buy buy our licenses of us to become a one teir system watch this space

Anonymous said...

been leaving a few comments none of which have been posted,after 26 years of driving a cab,stopping to help fellow cab drivers who,ve broken down [up to the tx1]writing to my mps, wasting money on trade org subscriptions,i,ve now retired and joined the ranks of the rest of the majority of cab drivers and "will start looking after number 1}like to say its been a pleasure but it hasn,t well "be lucky" not that i give a flying fuck.