Thursday, June 21, 2018

TfL Must Revoke Uber's Licence, Plus All Apps Must Be Lenny Etheridge

Uber cannot possibly win their appeal.

Either way it will be the same outcome  - they'll carry on regardless.

Uber must have their license revoked. If not, they must be regulated to the full extent of existing rules, which so far TfL have refused to enforce.

Running Uber out of town or forcing TfL to apply existing regulations and police them, will have much the same effect.

If Uber lose their final appeal against the UPHD employment case in October, they'll be dead in the water anyway.

After Uber is put down, we still have to ensure all Apps (including our own) are regulated.
At this moment in time there is no regulator for Apps.
Either TfL or the DfT must step up to the plate, accept responsibility and take control of these lawless, unaccountable Apps.
Otherwise our whole trade will become Uberesque; totally reliant upon an App master, as our street hail is hoovered up by App companies with no regard for the driver.

Uber is the beginning of our struggle, not the end.

The reason we are in the shit today is because of past mistakes - we were advised to have 'Ply for Hire' legally defined decades ago when there was no opposition to the definition.
Today we're paying the price of previous apathy.

Don't sell all your tomorrows for today's takings.


Met Police Service, roads and transport constabulary. 

Picking up on Zig Zags. 

Turned out driver was unlicensed and had taken family members car out and App details, whilst Licence Holder was out of UK. 

Driver and Licence holder are now under police investigation for various offences.

Before you use Uber, ask yourself this...

With so many of their drivers sharing their cars and phones.... who’s driving you home tonight ?

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Anonymous said...

Tfl are suposedly committed to customer safety and have taken measures such as putting small minicab offices out of business by hiking operators licence fees up and allowing a tech company a free monopoly of over 40,000 drivers that can roam london for work like licenced hackney carriages just by downloading a driver app!

Every journey matters when it's big bosses going to the bank!