Saturday, June 09, 2018

Mayor Tells London's Public, THEY Should Police The Streets Themselves.

As governments around the world are advising their nationals to avoid coming to London, due to the high level of violent street crime, Sadiq Khan FINALLY bothers to notice London’s crimewave. 

He tells the public THEY should catch gangs themselves. 

The London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who is already under fire for posting on social media about more fashionable causes, has now addressed concerns over the 'increase in serious violent crime'

He’s now told Londoners they have "to be the eyes and ears of the police" and help catch these gangs themselves 
(Pity the Mayor, TfL, Met and CoL Police have treated the London Taxi trade so bad, they would have another 24,000 pairs of eyes out on the street)

Is this what we pay our taxes for.... Policing on the cheap?

Best friend of murdered teen Stephen Lawrence, Duwayne Brookes, said “Khan as Mayor is weak and ineffective”. 

The Mayor said: "Londoners have responsibility too.

"We (meaning you) have got to be the eyes and ears of the police - if you see something that you think is a criminal event, ring 999.

"We've got to help the police do their job in these difficult circumstances, keeping us safe."

Quite a hard call as you just don’t see officers in central London that often. Victims of crimes complain that calling 999 doesn’t mean anyone will turn up!

Khan went on to repeat the claims that the police don't have enough money. He said it would be "naive" to say that cuts had not had an effect.

This from the Mayor who sold off police buildings, closed police stations and cut numbers to finance the £bn cycle super highways. 

Mr Khan said: "Our police - and it's worth just saying this again, are cancelling their rest days, they are working overtime. 

Truth is there’s just not enough manpower anymore to keep citizens safe. The Mayor has again put profit before public safety. 


Following on from yesterday’s statement by the Mayor

Listen to this clip from a London Cabby

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Anonymous said...

Its the conservatives that done us in people, always remember that, it wasnt red ken, it was the cons, remember that when it comes to voting again! we have the white flags out, no fight, no unity accept the same 100 , no chance!