Saturday, June 30, 2018

Former TfLTPH John Mason Takes To Twitter, To Give His Opinion On Uber Appeal.

Former Director of TfLTPH John Mason, took to Twitter late on Friday night, to give his few remaining Taxi driver followers, his take on the Uber appeal division and the verdict of judge Emma Arbuthnot. 

In a series of eight tweets John said:

Without wanting to poke the bears that are my last London taxi driver followers, at the end of this week I would put forward the following:

The decision this week was not about whether #Uber should have been licensed. 

I read all the skeleton arguments and supporting evidence and I personally feel that TFL put up a strong justification for their action. Given #Uber agreed that the decision was correct then the Magistrate seemed to only have to decide whether #uber were fit and proper now.

I could be wrong of may have missed it but given the speed it looks like those conditions were provisionally agreed between TFL and #Uber if the Magistrate was minded to issue a licence.

I thought Helen was robust and TFL Counsel Martin Chamberlin was very good. He led the Add Lee Bus Lane action and was very good from my experience.

I do agree with a lot of the irate taxi drivers and indeed PHV operators that are on Twitter that this decision is inconsistent. I agree that smaller operators and individuals would not get such an easy ride if they admitted what #uber had.

I know a lot of cabbies that may end up reading this may still feel aggrieved that they were licensed in the first place. I maintain they were licensed as the met the conditions of licensing at the time.

I struggle to see what legal action the UCG or any other Org can take that may have any chance of success but I’m not party to info and advice they have.

In conclusion, based on what they admitted they did and what TFL started they did, I am surprised. 

I don’t buy into the whole Chumoracy stuff, but in this day and age who know?

Maybe it was the Russians?

We've posted Johns tweets as they appeared on tweeter, we didn't edit spellings as we didn't want to be accused of changing his words.


So what you are saying now is that the court was only interested in the now time as to whether UBER were fit and proper?

So all the years you spent working in the P.C.O  and T.F.L you or your department did not refuse a license to anybody who had a criminal record as all you were interested in was the now time, not the past at all. 

So that would mean that Mr. Perry can have his license back when he comes out of prison, because T.F.L are only interested in now time and not what happened in the past?

Please forgive me if like so many other taxi drivers I have missed your point, but I see UBER as murdering, rapping, lying thieves, that sexual assault women and ruin there lives ...but then I’m just a common taxi driver who knows no better.


Anonymous said...

There was a serious car crash in Leeds in the early hours which resulted in the sad deaths of 4 young people and several others injured.

No judgement or blame is being made by me or indeed anyone yet surrounding the cause of the crash as this will rise to the surface as time passes by due to an ongoing investigation.

When I first heard about the crash, the Media news organisation I was listening to stated how a car driven by the deceased "collided head on with a Taxi" and whilst I would never intend or dare to trivialise the sad loss of life stating a potentially meaningless point, I saw a picture today of the media quoted "Taxi"... An Uber car with large Uber signs written logo's on both sides of the vehicle.

It couldn't be any clearer how this vehicle was "Not" a taxi, but yet again the so called Media recklessly report misleading information not involving the "Taxi Trade" and I seriously hope investigation team check out the Licensing authority who presumably gave this Uber vehicle a "private hire vehicle license" and its driver License to work the area is clearly identified, because if this is yet another incident of cross border hiring by Uber the point must be fully investigated and made public and Insurers of the private hire vehicle and its passengers may take a view of questioning any liability?... and dare it have a yellow tfl roundall? the 15 months "temporary grant of license" granted by a London magistrate recently may now have involvement 4 fatalities within its first week if it should not have been there as it has been noted how TFL licenses worked as far away as Sheffield which is only a stones throw away?

Lets wait and see eh?

Be Lucky,


Anonymous said...

Find out how long he's been sitting behind the wheel.
These mugs needs trackers that register speed and direction.
Another cheap cab fair ........