Thursday, June 21, 2018

LTDA Informs Members Of Central Branch Suspension By Marc Turner.

During the summer of 2016 after the debacle of the LTDA branch election in Harlesdon, general secretary, Steve McNamara freely admitted the discrepancies of that night 'hadn't been LTDA's finest hour, and wouldn't happen again.

Yet yesterday (20/06/18) Chairman Richard Massett announced,(by email) to the chagrin of committed members that the central branch had been temporarily suspended, therefore next Wednesdays branch election  (27/06/18) is postponed due to intimidation and threats to candidates.

During the last forty plus years, branch elections have gone by unheralded/unpubicised. Because that's how the LTDA wanted it. They've always been happy to accept our subs and deal with us at the end of a phone line or across a desk. But woe betide anyone who trys to encroach their inner circle.

During the good times we were all guilty of not paying enough attention to the machinations of our trades biggest org. Yet if we've got anything to thank TfL/government/ Uber for, suppose they've necessitated us to 'naval gaze', by paying more attention on our representation. Needless to say, many were not much impressed with what was on offer. Or they, with members insistance on transparency  and accountability.

Yes, Steve McNamara is an effective, efficient flag waver on behalf of the trade. But he's at the helm of the 'Mary Celeste'. The dead wood, otherwise known as the COM (Committee of Management). Most of them out of the LTDA 'old boys network'. Devoid of enegy, ideas, motivation. They can't even be bothered to show members respect by occasionally  attending  branch meetings. Most probably committee meetings behind closed doors pay better.

Regards intimidation and threats. The 2018 campaign had up to now been  fought impeccably by all four candidates Martin Franks, Russell Smith for Chairman. Sam Houston, Chris Allen, for Secretary.

I'll put my cards on the table and admit to supporting Russell and Chris. I'll reiterate, up until Harlesden, LTDA had chosen their own. Bit like the Vatican, but with out the smoke. Unfortunately, Martin and Sam are 'all our yesterdays'. Whereas Chris and Russell are totally devoted to improving the trade by improving the LTDA.

So if the impending election does materialise. Whether a show of hands, or secret ballot ( more 'mirrors' then smoke on that one) 
For the future of our beloved trade.



Anonymous said...

Jim I’d give up son the trade is finished no one gives a toss it’s dog eat dog out there not even grants emails can save us not that there worth any as I’ve been told they just laughed when they see them In this trade money talks so regardless of what we do be it demos flash demos and so on it will just not work we say oh it’s not to do with price I’m afraid it is we say the new cab is to expensive and your right it is but do we really need the turning circle ????? No we done and that’s one of TfL’s hold on us as for ply for hire It’s not worth a toss now.

Sean Paul Day said...

Firstly, those who perpetuated The LTDA’s false propagandising that members had been intimidated- without any evidence whatsoever -should hang their heads in shame. You have succeeded in dragging the LTDA back to its directionless, unaccountable days. Well done!

Secondly, I strongly recommend that those who have been falsely implicated by the LTDA report their grievance to the police. Being accused of using intimidation tactics to influence the vote is a serious accusation, and in this case, totally unfounded.

The LTDA should also declare their source to the police and seek to resolve the issue asap. There are consequences for trying to thwart a democratic process, and an unnecessary , drawn-out investigation means the FSA will also have to be called in to I oversee proceedings.

It’s a bad day for the taxi trade that’s for sure

Paul Coghlan said...

Intimidated? What a load of old bollox. If you’re that much of a pussy I wouldn’t want to vote for you anyway. Man up ffs.

Anonymous said...

They want their chosen one in by hook or by crook
They realised they couldn’t do it fairly so secret ballot thrown in 2weeks before election
They then try to gauge opinion via a question and answer session that is suddenly pulled questions too difficult perhaps?
They then realise that it’s not going to work so the get out clause is intimidation.

I haven’t seen any personally others have but when pushed they decline to answer (get out clause) perhaps they could suggest to com that the police should be called in

I personally as spd has said would want the police involved if these are real allegations I would want a professional body to deal with it and any real intimidation not snowflake intimidation is a criminal offence and should be dealt accordingly.

Obviously this will never happen the “investigation”will turn up nothing of any real substance and by that time their chosen candidate will be a shoe in under the get out clause

Show me the evidence to change my opinion and I will gladly consider but under the get out clause this very question will be deemed as intimidation so you won’t be able to see any to protect their identities see how this works now!

None of this would of happened if you follow the rule book

Mirna SB said...

If you care about your future vote for this two men. They are honest and hard working and what’s is more important they attend brunch meeting. It shows they care about the future of the trade ❤️

Anonymous said...
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Editorial said...

I went to the bank Thursday morning and cancelled my LTDA membership standing order without telling them, on Thursday night went to to Austral cafe and joined grant Davis at the LCDC , I’ve got legal cover there. #LEAVETHELTDA

Anonymous said...

But what about my chance to win the m an s vouchers?

Wondermouth said...

The comment that Martin Franks and Sam Houston are 'yesterdays men' cannot go unchallenged. It is such a ludicrous statement based on nothing more than blind tribalism. Martin's campaign has been brimming with policy. He has more creative ideas before lunchtime than most drivers have in a year. If you're going to dismiss Martin so easily, then back it up, otherwise it's just a slur and deeply insulting.

Anonymous said...

is there an ltda rule book?who owns taxi house?---the members?

Peter Murphy said...

A few years ago when the Gen Sec first stood for the council of the LTDA he was in prison yet was still allowed to stand.
I was on Dial A Cab,and was told by Bob Odd I could not stand even though I told him that should l be elected I would leave DAC .
This type of fixing the election appears to still be going on for a long time. If what we read is true.
After a few general elections like this when I was a member l
contacted the election authority who were employed to supervise the election, in reality only to be told, (He who pays the piper calls the tune.)
The fact that it appears nothing has changed does not surprise me.
If as said by someone on this site that certain indeviduals on Council do not have
A current bill . When was the first rule of the LTDA changed and by who.
A current bill.
When was the first rule of the Association changed and by who.
As a member for many years,who has now retired it is sad to see what appears to be stll going on.