Saturday, June 16, 2018

CMT Problem Sorted, Try This Configuration Check Or Change To Landscape Unit.

Wednesday night, something weird happened to my CTM tablet...As I past Half Moon Street on Piccadilly, the unit switched to 'signed out' mode. I rebooted and it appeared to be OK. 
But later that night, as I again past Half Moon Street, it signed off for a second time. I asked on Twitter if anyone else had trouble in this location but no one replied. 

On Thursday the United became very unstable and kept crashing. This time after asking on Twitter, I received quite a few replies from drivers saying they were experiencing similar problems. 

So when I git up on Friday, I took myself over to Kendal Avenue, to report the problems I was experiencing.

I spoke to Jason who told me there was a problem with the older portrait style tablets, as Google had recently made an update to their maps which was memory hungry. This was causing problems with the older units. He asked me if a wanted a different mapping system loaded or....a landscape Unit which comes without maps. I opted to the latter as I have an iPhone and can access Google maps on that. 

The problem is now sorted but I must say I was very impressed at the service from CTM, who couldn't do enough to get me back on the road again. The fitters in the work shop even worked through their lunch brake (although I did say I didn't mind waiting).

If you are experiencing similar problems, before you make your way to CMT,  there is a fix you can try yourself:

I have been asked to post this config check below, to see if that might just save you a trip to the work shop!
• Menu>configuration>about>config check in bottom right hand corner. It should now say "refreshing". 

CMT are trying a different mapping version to see if that stops the unit crashing. 

Please let them know at @cmt_uk_ltd if this has helped. 


While I was their, I asked Jason for an update on the Arro app that works with the unit. He said they have had to concentrated on updating the tip option software on all their units, so had delayed the launch. He said at present about 12 jobs a day are being dispatched and everything is running smoothly. They intend to do a large media launch within the next few weeks

The ARRO app extremley popular in the USA and Canada.

Apparently, there are still quite a few drivers who haven't had the software update, if you are one of these drivers, you should try to get it done as soon as possible. 

Jason also told me that the new units have a tracker system embedded, and they have recently been able to trace and return a stolen taxi to a very happy owner driver.

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