Wednesday, June 06, 2018

TfL Totally Failing London. ... Should They Be Replaced As Transport Regulators? Jason Byrne

Bank Junction being used as a racetrack by speeding cyclists using app which rates person best times on set routs. 

When it's used as a race track and there are no controls in place to stop cyclists speeding through, what did they expect ??  

The City Of London corporation and TfL are more interested in revenue collected from motorists than public safety. 

To say this scheme -where traffic, including Taxis are banned-was safety inspired is as much a lie as
* Yes they have a phone line
* No it’s not a meter
* On/off insurance is available
* We show no bias towards Uber 

Let’s hope this lady recovers as the next casualty may not be so lucky !! 

Just goes to prove yet again
To regulate transport in London

As London is plagued by Machete wielding moped muggers, knife crime spiralling out of control, UberRape statistics reaching dizzy heights.....what do you think the Met are concentrating on....

This from Lenny Etheridge
 Lenny Etheridge Tweets: 

Two unmarked police cars at Kings Cross, looking for Taxi drivers interacting with their phones on the rank.

What an inspired deployment of police manpower.

Babies being stabbed, machete wielding scooter gangs, ramraids, shootings, grooming gangs, and drivers texting on ranks.

Uber driver given asylum in UK, who demonstrated use of laughing gas on BBC documentary... is convicted of selling banned party drug to students
Footage you won't see on channel4's program #WheretoBritain

Click link to see video 

Something else you won't see on channel4.... Uber are using predator pricing to drive out black cabs.
This is how they work. Every journey is subsidies by their investors. 

Remember folks, when we are gone....we are gone for good. 
This is when Uber will sack up their prices 


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