Friday, May 04, 2018

Exhibition Road Rage Uber Driver Case Referred To Crown Court + TfL Still Happy To Have 10,400 Unchecked Uber Drivers In London


IN REALITY : Juma Ali Omar, 43, of Barking was charged with dangerous driving, plus a string of other offences appertaining to fake documents on 6 April.

He appeared at Westminster Magistrates' Court this morning and the case has now been transferred to Islewoth Crown Court (1st June 2018).

Omar has also been charged with possessing fake identity documents with intent, using a motor vehicle without third party insurance and driving a motor vehicle otherwise than in accordance with a licence.

Mr Omar is just one of Ubers's 13,000 drivers with a fake criminal record DBS certificate. TfL knew about these fakes in January 2017 and swept this information under the carpet.

When this news broke in the national press, Helen Chapman said that all 13,000 would be required to resubmit their DBS checks. Only 2,600 did this and TfL have not insisted on the other 10,400 taking action. Instead they feel it's ok to have all these drivers out there with no criminal record checks saying that the matter will sort itself when they need to relicense in three years time.

Another three years with 10,400 unchecked drivers like Juma Ali Omar out there ???

Omar was caught bang to rights with an Uber job in his car.
 In other previous serious cases, uber and TfL -backed up by the police- insisted that as a driver didn't have the app on at the time (taking the driver word as gospel) they can't be referred to as an Uber driver. 
This time there's no doubt as Omar had four Uber passengers on board and was signed in to the app.

TAXI LEAKS EXTRA BIT : This report from the Daily Mail.
Uber driver ‘who ploughed into 11 people outside the Natural History Museum used a fake PASSPORT to get his private hire licence’

Uber driver Juma Ali Omar, pictured outside Westminster Magistrates' Court this morning, is accused of using fake documents to obtain a private hire licence and dangerous driving.

The Uber driver was allegedly using false documents in order to work when he 'ploughed into a group of people outside the Natural History museum', leaving 11 injured.

Juma Ali Omar allegedly mounted the busy pavement at around 2.20pm in the London tourist hotspot, colliding with two cars and then striking pedestrians.

The 43-year-old, who was working at the time of the collision, was charged with dangerous driving and having a fake passport, driving licence and private taxi hire licence.

Eleven people suffered non-life threatening injuries in the collision, involving the Black Toyota Prius, in South Kensington, west London, on October 7 last year. 

Nigerian-born Omar was previously charged with dangerous driving, using a motor vehicle without third party insurance and driving without a licence.

At Westminster Magistrates' Court today, another charge of possessing a false passport, and driving license to prove his identify in order to get a TfL private hire licence was added to the rap sheet.
Omar appeared in the dock accompanied by his family who sat in the public gallery.

    Omar outside the court with his defence team.

He did not enter any pleas to the four charges and spoke only to confirm his name, date of birth, address and nationality.

Deputy District Judge Margaret Dodd released him on bail ahead of his next court date.
She said: 'I understand from the documents that the manner of the driving is under dispute. 

London was on lockdown as armed police swooped on the South Kensington museum amid fears of a terrorist attack...
'These matters cannot be dealt with by this court so it will be sent to crown court.
'I grant you bail but you must attend court when you are asked.'
Omar, of Barking, east London, will next appear at Isleworth Crown Court on June 1 to enter his pleas.

Released on bail, Omar's family member booking them a car home outside the court....Lets hope his Uber driver hasn't got fake documents this time.


Anonymous said...

Or was he driving the car on his mates app ? Uber’s security up & down is dangerous. I’m guessing all anyone needs to work the app is a password & pin. Can’t be that hard to find on the web. If passenger security details can be purchased then I’m sure driver details are there also - all you need is a Prius.

Sid said...

We're all waiting to see if this will be covered by the BBC news
Or have they been bought off again?

Anonymous said...

As expected nothing on the Beeb

CHAS THE CAB said...

Bet he does not turn up at court, and flees the country.