Thursday, May 24, 2018

TfL Bottle It And Rethink On Basic English Language Tests For Minicab Drivers. How Will They Read The Highway Code???

New rules forcing private-hire drivers in London to prove their English language skills are set for a rethink.

The rules would have forced them to pay £180 for a written essay and speaking test by July 16 this year, unless they could produce GCSE certificates proving their command of English.

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Private-hire drivers unable to pass the test or produce certificates would have been banned from working as minicab drivers in the capital.

Today Transport for London said the deadline for drivers to prove their grasp of English had been extended until April 30 next year.

TfL said it would also now review the regulations, to “make satisfying the requirement as simple as possible”.

The announcement came after a crunch meeting between the Licensed Private Hire Car Association and Mayor Sadiq Khan yesterday.  

TfL officials also met representatives of the British Dyslexia Association, which had warned that some private-hire drivers would find it “impossible” to pass the new test.

Steve Wright, the hire car association’s  chairman, said that “tens of thousands” of drivers, including those with reading and writing difficulties and from ethnic backgrounds, had feared they would lose their jobs.


Anonymous said...

What a load of bollocks, if they are not going to expect a basic command of English then they might as well throw any regulations out the window and have a free for all, which is pretty much what they have been doing for years anyway. No wonder many just flout any sort of rules of licensing or the road, they don't understand them anyway. It pisses me off when they are all over the place on the road and can't even speak the lingo to communicate with passengers. Shambles of a Country and shame on the authorities like TFL. Rubbish.

Anonymous said...

When they cause an accident you can't even communicate with them effectively to exchange details, not that most of them have proper insurance anyway. It's terrible out there. So many times they come hurtling towards me when they are travelling the wrong way on a one way street

Anonymous said...

I’ve heard that Knolwedge of London examiners will be doing the tests now as they have not many people to test on the Knolwedge as no one has signed up since November last year I think it’s called game over

steve sholder said...

Next , Uber granted ten year licence ?
We are doomed.

Anonymous said...

Game over indeed! It was the cons who done it to us , lets never forget that people, the CONservative prime minister, chancellor and london mayor, totally fcuked us, hope any blues out there have taken that on board, totally fcuked by the conservatives, if you voted for them after the event then take your medicine without complaining, you are party to our surrender, keep paying your subs to you know who guys, they will look after you!