Monday, May 28, 2018

Man who pretended to be taxi driver (Minicab driver) to trap and rape woman is jailed. So The Police Are Now Referring To Minicab Drivers As Taxis Drivers !!!

Have we finally lost our identity ???
Trade representation have said nothing, as our right to exclusive call ourselves Taxi drivers, disappeared in deregulation by stealth.

This post below appeared yesterday on the Met Police Website. It appears it's not only nation/local press and all TV and radio news stations referring to Taxis and Minicab drivers as Taxi Drivers, but the Met as well. 

All part of this government and TFL's alleged agenda to implement a one tier system?

A man who pretended to be a taxi driver before locking a woman in his car and raping her has been jailed. 
Keith Gillings, 67 (09.01.50) of Hanway Road, W7 was sentenced at Harrow Crown Court to life imprisonment for rape, with a minimum to serve at least nine years before he can apply for parole.
The court heard how on 25 July, 2017 the victim, a 47-year-old female was drinking with friends in Hammersmith. At approximately 23:00hrs, the victim left the pub and got into a vehicle she believed was her taxi.
The driver (Gillings) took the victim to her home address where she collected money and requested the driver to take her to a local shop to get some tobacco. Sometime later she realised that the driver was not going in the correct direction and when she questioned the driver he advised that he knows a different shop that would still be open. 
As the car (notice car, not Taxi) approached traffic lights and slowed down the victim attempted to get out of the vehicle which was locked, the driver grabbed her wrists and prevented her from getting out. (This would not be possible if the vehicle was a licensed Black Cab)
They then went to a block of flats where Gillings dragged the victim into a flat on the second floor and raped her, twice.
After the attack the victim managed to escape from the flat and run away. Gillings gave chase but could not catch her.
After an extensive investigation, Gillings was arrested in August and charged on 04 August, 2017, with two counts of rape. He was jailed on Friday, 25 May. 
Detective Sergeant Trevor Struthes, from the Met's Child Abuse and Sexual Offences unit (CASO), said: "Officers carried out a thorough and in-depth investigation which brought a violent and depraved man to justice. They worked tirelessly to support the victim through this ordeal and got her the best possible result when they arrested and charged Gillings.
"He will be spending nearly the remainder of his life behind bars, where he will not be able to attack and harm any other women again."

The above report is from the Metropolitan police who are now referring to both Taxis and Minicabs as Taxis. 
Taxi leaks has this message below to the both editor of the Metropolitan police website and Detective Sergeant Trevor Struthes. 
The 1998 Act prohibits the use of certain words in advertisements for private hire
A PHV operator must not use the words ‘taxi’, ‘taxis’, ‘cab’ or ‘cabs’ or any word which is closely similar to these as to be likely to be mistaken for it in any advertisement including using such words in links to Internet web addresses.
Any operator who uses these words in an advertisement is guilty of an offence and liable on summary conviction to a fine up to £2500.
The use of the words ‘minicab’, ‘mini-cab’, or, mini cab (whether singular or in the plural) does not constitute an offence.

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