Friday, April 27, 2018

Uber driver charged with rape fled country after court ‘mistake’

Frederick Amfo, an Uber driver charged with raping a passenger, was released on bail without being required to surrender his passport because of “confusion” in the Quincy District Court clerk’s office, Supreme Judicial Court Chief Justice Ralph Gants told The Patriot Ledger.

Amfo, 30, posted $10,000 bail after pleading not guilty at his arraignment on April 13 and was given 24 hours to surrender his passport, but instead fled to his native Ghana, court officials have said.

It appears an employee in the clerk’s office confused the protocol for people who are released on personal recognizance with the protocol for people who are required to post bail. 

The state’s court system has since clarified the protocols.

“It was a mistake that was made, so we wanted to make sure there was clarification,” said Chief Justice Ralph Gants

Amfo was charged with raping a woman on April 8 as he drove her from Quincy to her home in Weymouth.

That woman, who has spoken publicly about the case, has called for a formal investigation into bail procedures.

Massachusetts law enforcement agencies say they are working to bring Amfo back to the U.S

Fact is, this man could turn up in London with a letter of good conduct issued by a local police station in Ghana and be driving an Uber car in London in just a matter of weeks. 

This isn't as crazy as it sounds, TfL have in the past licensed a man wanted in connection to a million deaths in Africa. Sounds incredible....but it's true!

In 2012 Taxi Leaks exposed a story of a Mr M Hakizimana, 41, alleged by the UK Border Agency's War Crimes Unit, to have helped Hutu soldiers kill civilian members of the Tutsi ethnic group during a million person genocide in 1994.

Home office were fully aware of this man for a number of years and his past should have been flagged up on any CRB check. 
Yet under Sir Peter Hendy's and TfLTPH's Director John Mason's watch, this man was judged a fit and proper person to hold a Private Hire Licence.

A national newspaper, reported he was working for a private hire operator in East London. 
His TfL licence was revoked soon after the story was posted.

It makes you wonder how many cases like Amfo and Hakizimana have been swept under TfLTPH's carpet with the 13,000 fake criminal record checks?

Helen Chapman stated that all these drivers would have to resubmit when the whistle was blown in the media about the fake DBS certificates...but it turned out only 2,600 were rechecked. 

Funny how silent the other orgs were when the issue was exposed by a team from the London Cab Drivers Club.

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