Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Uber Driver Carried Woman Into Backseat Of His Car ‘To Rape Her’

An Uber driver followed a young lady customer from his car to her doorstep and as she looked for her keys he pick her up from behind, carries her back to his Prius and raped her on the back seat of his cab, a court heard. 

Muhammad Durrani, 38, attacked the 27 year-old woman after picking her up outside a live music club in Clapham, south London, jurors heard. 

When they arrived at her home he got out of his car and followed her to her front door. 

As she struggled to find her keys, he came at her from behind, lifted her up in his arms and carried  her back to his Toyota. 

He then put her on the back seat, got in the car and raped her it is claimed by the prosecution. 


Anonymous said...

I don't expect we will see this reported on the biased BBC news

Taxi Company Amsterdam said...

Uber is on some crazy sh*t! They have no place in this society. Take a decent taxi when visiting amsterdam or the netherlands.

Anonymous said...

should have used a proper taxi,never mind sure the uber fare was £1.50 cheaper [unless they were "surge charging"]