Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Photo Shopped Taxi Driver Licences Accepted On MyTaxi App. Part 2

Under the mismanagement of Mike (on side) Brown, TfLTPH have lost all control of Taxi and PH apps.

This trade has a problem with alleged unlicensed Taxi drivers at Heathrow asking for postcodes to major hotels.

And now, Transport apps are prompting Taxi drivers to break the law.
Someone has to speak up for Public Safety.
Do we matter at all?

Licensed London Taxi drivers are as safe as houses!
Transport Apps are not safe.

Transport Apps need a regulator, or it will end up like in Ireland where anyone with a driving license may drive for an app - no cab license needed.
How dangerous is that?

It shows 'The Establishment' don't give a toss if a Pleb is raped or even murdered. They probably feel there's a surplus of us already.

The silence from our representative Orgs and Unions, especially those with newspapers and magazines, is deafening.

If any of our Orgs or Unions put advertising revenue before Public Safety, they are no better than the corrupt politicians and brazen TfL execs they pour scorn on.

The same goes for any driver who wants to sweep this dangerous situation under the carpet, because it might affect their app work.
Here's news for you, you're not earning more on an app than on the street.
You've just learned to rely on it.

Principles are not for sale.

By Lenny Etheridge. 


Lest we forget......Gett, the company that dispatches heavily promoted Private Hire cars on the same app as Taxis.



Delroy Grant, picking up Mike a Brown



Anonymous said...

Apply for one in the name
J Ripper of Whitechapel.

Anonymous said...

How can drivers be so blind
Can they not see they are buying back street work from these companies.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy, you made an excellent point a while back when you said the trade is the architect of its own demise .
Nothing's changed, drivers have been hoodwinked by these apps into buying back their own work.

Anonymous said...

How many are actually making a living out of the game once they take all the costs out? First get a taxi,then insure it, plate it, tax it, pay for a meter, pay your breakdown cover, pay for upkeep, pay for fuel, pay for your trade org, get a job if youre lucky,,,,,and pay 4% to the credit card company for the pleasure, then pay for your crb check, pay for your medical if youre 50, pay for your licence every few years, If you add up all that, and divide by the hours put in, you won"t be making minimum wage, its a lot of paying out isn"t it? These cons in power have us exactly where they want us, anyone who voted for these cons cant moan about earning less than minimum wage,using up their savings, remortgaging the house and not having a holiday! You get what you voted for, and with these corrupt cons you won"t get a lot!

Anonymous said...

Ah, i forgot to mention, pay for your accountant!