Thursday, April 26, 2018

Mike (Onside) Brown...But Just Who’s Side Is He Really On???

TfL commissioner Mike Brown, refused to talk to the London Taxi trade about Uber’s relicense appeal, citing sub judice, the man then has two secret meetings with Uber's CEO!

Its now been alleged, that about three months ago at a transport high end dinner function, Mike Brown is overheard by a senior member of the transport fraternity, spending most of the night, saying how good he believes Uber are for the transport systems in cities like London. 

Never mind about onside, it sounds like Mike Brown is about to sell us all down the river. 

Taxi Leaks Extra Bit : From I’m Spartacus  
Mike Brown onside, yeah right !

Forget Uber, they are just a symptom of the inadequate regulator ...the ‘perfect child’ that is TfL LTPH. 
If they had enforced their own PH regulations, let alone the well developed Hackney Carriage acts, we wouldn't be in the place than we are now.

Political interference, incompetence who knows?
I have been campaigning for a Public Enquiry or a Transport Select Committee investigation at the least for five years plus whilst others gathered round TfL like moths to a flame.

How will it all end? 
It doesn’t end well for the moths does it?
Unite or die. 
I'm Spartacus. 


Anonymous said...

When the rules of law fail, chaos will reign. In the end of the day it will become dog eat dog for survival. If ones business and livelihood is going down the pan, via what is known to be corruptions, where you end up losing home and food on the table for yourself and loved ones then it's easy to see why the situations that have already happened in other countrones, when all hope is lost, then different rules apply. In these other countries uber drivers have been subjected to attacks, cars vandalised etc etc. It is easy to see how these things can happen. Most British people have a sense of what is fair play and decency. There has been instances in the UK in the past where that sense of justice has resulted in the British people taking the law unto themselves and riots have resulted. We will see how this whole mess pans out

colin said...

London & the uk are Uber’s main flagship area,no drought with people in high places waiting till traditional Taxi/Ph disappear replaced by that App,,,,,,it’s just taking a bit longer than planned,,,,,,then they can use their offshore secret accounts set up by the App company & no questions asked because we are all gone,,,,,,,funny how the brits have most of the tax havens just of the USA.

Anonymous said...

every week a new scandal comes up and what is the cab trade doing about it?sweet fa.apart from the lcdc preparing a case against tfl what are all the other orgs doing?with ph licenses issued in london used country wide its a national problem for taxi drivers,why don,t these orgs organise a day of action and bring london to a standstill? it never ceases to amaze me how many taxi drivers will jump out there cabs and want to fight fellow cab drivers if they think they,ve nicked a fare,but sit in silence while uber and tfl drive us to bankruptcy and laugh at us in the process,well carry on looking after number 1 and be lucky.

Anonymous said...

We seem to be waiting and waiting, but waiting for what? We should have a week of bringing london to a standstill, block every bridge, cause chaos in the centre, stop paying subs to useless trade org, they know who they are! WE NEED A BIT OF THE FRENCH SPIRIT, PROTEST NOW, AND BE BOUGHT TO THE TABLE, NOT BEG FOR A SEAT AT THE TABLE, AND THREATEN TO PROTEST( AT THE POLICE"S PERMISSION), FOR TWO HOURS MAX, THEN FCUK OFF OR YOURE NICKED, ANYONE FANCY A 65 GRAND ELECTRIC CAB FOR TEN YEARS? THEN NO MORE PLATING,,,,,,,BUT THEY MIGHT HAVE A NEW ELECTRIC PLUS WITH FREE WI FI FOR 100 K,,,,,,,,,,

Anonymous said...

There will not be any riot in this country they ain't got the bottle.
The war must have hit home to every cab driver in loss of earnings over the last couple of years by now.
Take the war to these arsholes street doors
Get people in from outside the trade to do the business
If you want to get in touch with these sort of people I know how to.
When there's basically fuck all left to lose then desperate measures are called for.
If it was up to me these wankers would of been dealt with three years ago.

Anonymous said...

Its true, we are a nation of cap doffers, no fight what so ever, we could learn a lesson from the french workers, sad but true!

Anonymous said...

Uber gett and co not to blame its our corrupt government it like they blame the Russians for London house prices and anyone else for abusing their loopholes which are all in place for their benefit that lot Will stop at nothing to protect their high standard of living but the one thing were all guaranteed is a short life and I sincerely hope theirs is cut shorter by chocking on their greedy unfortunately power and responsibility has become greed this time next year we will be on 5 pounds a hour that's what they want agig so big no worries for the taxman