Thursday, April 12, 2018

Looney Toons Council Plan Pedestrianisation Of Upper Street

Or "how to kill off local businesses in one foul swoop".

An artist's impression of what a pedestrianised Upper Street may look like. Picture: Zaha Hadid Architects

One of the world’s leading architects has tabled a radical plan to pedestrianise Upper Street.

Zaha Hadid Architects said removing traffic from Islington’s signature shopping street would help make it a cleaner and less dangerous place.

It’s part of the Clerkenwell firm’s “Walkable London” project, a more ambitious take on mayor of London Sadiq Khan’s pledge to pedestrianise Oxford Street.

Instead of just one street, Zaha Hadid has called for entire pedestrian networks of major roads in the capital. And that involves a pedestrianised Upper Street, including Islington High Street and Goswell Road towards the City.

Melodie Leung, senior associate at the architects, told the Gazette: “If Upper Street people want to get behind this, we should talk.”

Speaking of Patrik Schumacher, Zaha Hadid’s director, Ms Leung said: “His proposal is to think grand: really long, continuous avenues that would allow walking to be a viable form of transport across the city. Upper Street means a lot to him, as he used to walk that route a lot.

“It would be fruitful for the shops and restaurants in the area. Pedestrianisation would be a natural opportunity for them.

“Upper Street is also so congested with vehicles and buses. If pedestrianised, it would be a really efficient link between the north and south of the city.

“Islington is a very residential community. If Upper Street was used for walking to school and walking to work, it would be a safer and healthier place.”

The 182-page Walkable London plan is in its early stages, but Ms Leung added: “It’s a provocative proposal and there would obviously be a lot of community engagement.” She suggested one way forward would be to do temporary closures of Upper Street, in order for the “community to test the outcomes”.

Steph Palmer, from Islington Living Streets, which campaigns for pedestrian safety, said: “It’s a lovely idea. In theory, I’m all for it. But in practice, what would happen to the streets either side that would take all the traffic?

“I’ve been in Upper Street when there’s no traffic and it’s so much nicer for shopping and seeing people. So it’s certainly something to look at

Source : Loony Toon's Islington Gazzette 

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Rob said...

Macnamara has as little respect/authority in the trade as he has hair on his head. One would think his self esteem is all but exhausted. One lamentable failure after another. The Ltda and Macnamara are unlikely to change tack, to do so would be a humiliation. The trade is so fractured,just as it has been historically, yet the stakes have never been higher. There seems to be a determined and resolute policy to turn London into a derivative of Amsterdam. Only when a driver returns home with their daily running costs approaching equivalence with their daily income will we truly appreciate the scale of our loss. Do we not wonder how passengers tolerate this level of traffic insanity. The next several days will scale new heights of lunacy in trying to navigate our way across London with the arrival of 'commonwealth heads' and the ensuing chaos we will suffer to keep these kleptocrats and their jackanapes satisfied. No doubt should we decide to have a gathering the lickspitles of the met will make life uncomfortable for us (yet upon their retirement they may well use the remnants of this trade to top up thier handsome pensions and lump sums just as the firemen do, the irony of it).