Friday, April 13, 2018

LCDC Chairman Grant Davis Gives Update On Periscope, What's Next Everyone?....A Must Watch.

Grant Davis, chair of the London Cab Driver Club gives an update on where the club are in regards to the 360 pages of emails they are collating.

Plus more information about their legal inquiries with top judicial review and Licensing law specialist at Bindmans LLP, John Halford. 
You can read more about John Haliford in this months badge on page 20. Grant has republish an article from the Badge in 2014.

Grant has always said if the club had been supported by the other trade orgs back in 2014, he believes we wouldn't be in the mess we're in now. 

Click the link below to see Grants periscope update


Anonymous said...

someone should have a meeting with Mike Brown
See if he likes hospital food.

Anonymous said...

Interesting grant but why did nothing happen 5 years ago we all knew it was illegal yet no org did anything it was there in black and white what concerns me more and it may of slipped your mind is the front page KNOLWEDGE UNDER THREAT. We’ll grant as you may or may not know there are plans to dissolve the Knolwedge witch would make any court case worthless we both know what they want and it’snot looking good is it

Anonymous said...

hasn,t the ltda got a one million pound"war chest" why don,t they team up with the lcdc? have they got a hidden agenda? seems like they,ve done sweet f/a last few years,mind you didn,t do a lot before whatever happened to "the flying santas" where 5 ltda members led by the aptly named "john thomas" dressed in father christmas outfits would stand outside "hooky hotels" [they didn,t mince their words] have their photos taken,and then naff off.?