Monday, April 16, 2018

BREAKING NEWS: The Case Against Driver In The Exhibition Road “RTA”Attack Is To Go Ahead.

The driver, still unnamed by police, was driving east along Cromwell Road with passengers allegedly picked up on the Uber app, when he suddenly veered left, mounted the pavement, ploughed though concrete blocks, into pedestrians before smashing into two cars waiting at the traffic lights southbound on Exhibition Road. 

He than got out of the car, screamed at onlookers and tried to run off, but was pulled to the ground and held till police arrived and arrested him.

The driver has been charged with:
* possession of false documents, 
* obtaining a driver’s licence with fake documents
* obtaining a PH licence with fake documents, 
* causing injury by dangerous driving. 

The question has to be asked, is this one of Helen Chapman's 13,000 drivers with a fake DBS check certificate?
Did TfL contact this driver and tell him he had to resubmit for a DBS check?
TFL's Helen Chapman new in January 2017 that there were 13,000 PH drivers with fake DBS's and said nothing until it was exposed in the media in August.

Without an enhanced criminal record check (or letter from embassy staff) he should never have been granted a private hire licence. 

Should everyone injured in this RTA be suing Helen Chapman and TfL for gross incompetence???
Perhaps one for the 'no win no fee' lawyers out there!

When the news broke that a car had ploughed into a crowd of pedestrians outside the Natural History Museum, almost everyone with children fleetingly entertained the same thought: it could have been us.

Everyone made a guess at what had happened. 
Some shared their guesses as fact. 
Car, pedestrian injuries, high-profile venue, panicking crowds, immediate police presence, swirling rumours… "Terrorist Attack"

But we are now told this wasn't the case.
This was just a driver, with a falsely obtained drivers licence, a falsely obtained private hire drivers licence, allegedly using an Uber app, having a bad day at the office. It could have been much worse.

It begs the question: "How many more of these fake PH drivers are still out there, possibly using the Uber app?"
We've been told that 2,600 resubmitted DBS checks, so at an educated guess I'd say about 10,399.




Anonymous said...

He must've veered left not right...

Anonymous said...

A fiasco spiralling out of control