Monday, March 12, 2018

United We Stand... You Couldn’t Make It Up

Recent revelations from Tim Fenton on Zelo Street blog, publishing stacks of evidence of corruption and collusion on the part of TfL, have shown since 2013, they knew Uber were operating illegally and unlicensed, but chose to say and do nothing.

Call me optermistic but I was expecting to find our wonderful New United Trade Group leaders, at 9o/c this morning, banging on Mike Browns door, United in their demands for an immediate revocation of Uber’s London Licence and for TfL compliance to order their vehicles to cease and desist from operating within the TfL regulatory area. 

But instead, I woke to news that the UCG general secretary and committee have told the LCDC that they will no longer sit down with them at meetings. Surely this can't be the wishes of their members?

We now have the evidence we’ve been waiting for. 
Uber London Limited who hold a TfL licence (on appeal), haven't been dispatching the jobs, it's UberBV who have been dispatching the work and they hold no TfL licensed to do so!
Uber drivers are accepting instant hails from an unlicensed operator, which I believe makes their hire and reward insurance void!
Under existing legislation, TfL have the right to order an immediate revocation of Uber's licence status.

With the evidence we have, we should be seeing a full stop to Uber's operation, with top TfL directors and managers, past and present under investigation for malfeasance!

But instead, the short sightless and tribal attitude of certain trade representatives are again fragmenting our trade.
Are you, the subscription paying members going to stand for this scandalous behaviour ?

Instead of seeing Uber quaking in their boots, they are falling about laughing at us. And so are TfL.

As if to rub salt into the womb, this post appeared on Twitter congratulating the LCDC action group on the fantastic work they’ve been involved in. Proving the right hand don't know what the left hand is doing.

Unfortunately, the congratulations were short lived as news broke in a reply to the UCG tweet, from LCDC chairman Grant Davis shown below. 

Again, we will witness defeat, dragged from the jaws of victory by a vindictive individual with an agenda against another org. 

Latest from the UCG 

Perhaps the members should ask to see these private emails sent by committee members, in the name of transparency.
Trade org leaders are accountable to their members.


Anonymous said...

like a bunch of school girls.
It's time these muppets were held accountable
For the bollocks most of them come out with.

colin said...

A bunch of school girls is spot on,but don’t forget the Ltda has a million pound war chest,,,,,,,,,,they just haven’t worked out who to spend it on yet.

Anonymous said...

Jim, again you make so much sense.

Anonymous said...

a one million pound war chest?probably too busy working out for it to disappear when we become extinct