Thursday, March 22, 2018

Uber London Not Operating In Chelmsford...Oh Dear How Sad, Never Mind!

Putting aside the fact that Uber have been operating illegally with the full knowledge and permission of TfL for he last 6 years....Just when you thought it couldn't get more crazy...

Uber come up with a plan to geofence the TfL Greater Metropolitan Police District. 

This is the area that TfL licensed Taxis are allowed to openly ply for hire. It's also the area where TfL licensed private hire operators are allowed to operate within....

Uber, as we all know have been operating a boarder less system and have recently decided to woo TfL with the idea of a geofenced area. 

Sounds ok...but have a look at their interpretation of the area covered by TFL's Greater London. 

Since when has Gatwick been inside the GMPD?

Since when has Stansted been inside the GMPD?

When was Luton in ducted into the GMPD?

Also Basildon, Chatham, Tilbury, Gilford, Slough???

Uber still operating the policy that it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission still reigns supreme. 

If they can't get London right, what chance does the rest of the U.K. have for Uber working inside current legislation and abiding by local regulations?

Shock horror (according to Chelmsford MP, Tory Vicky Ford) Uber, which allows passengers to book a journey at the click of a button, regardless of legislation or local regulation, has appeared to have changed its 'geofence', effectively limiting where its drivers are allowed to work, and has exclude Chelmsford. Funny enough Vicky, they've also excluded Aberdeen from their London platform!!!      

 The fact that all the journeys Vicky Ford's constituents have taken commuting to and from London have been totally illegal doesn't seem to matter to this Tory MP. No one is above the law said Sadiq Khan one, except Tory backed Uber!

What do local taxi drivers think about Uber?

Ian Vernon, former Chairman of Chelmsford Taxi Drivers' Association and current owner of claimed that the changes made by Uber will still cause problems for local taxi firms.

He said: "This particular region that Chelmsford now falls in is not a region chosen by the powers that be in government, but is a region created by the company itself.

"It is the same principle if you are licenced in London - by getting a TfL licence you should want to work in London.

"Why should you go and work in Chelmsford and take money away from people who work there?

"This is a problem a lot of taxi firms face in the country.

"If people want to start a business in Chelmsford then good luck to them. We live in a free market and you should be able to start a business but they need to be playing by the same rules.

"At times, getting an Uber is cheaper because the operating costs are lower and the drivers are one a lot less - but would they be able to offer the same service under the same restrictions as cab firms?

"What I would say is that we have been here for many years across Essex providing a private hire service for all - please support your local business."

In rebuttal, a representative from Uber stated that as a private hire operator, the company accepts bookings before allocating a driver , but as we all now know, this is a lie on many levels. 

First the Uber London Ltd company that is licensed by TfL doesn't take or dispatch any bookings, this is done by Dutch company Uber BV, which in itself makes all Uber apps journeys past and present illegal. 

Secondly, it's been disclosed in court that Uber journeys are offered directly to the driver before Uber BV back file the jobs. 

Two points conveniently overlooked by the Uber representative. 


colin said...

As i was in the Windmill pub/restaurant in Windlesham one night last week it looks to me they use the car park to rank up waiting for a ping,& why can't compliance take a trip out to Holloway college Egham,there they will see them on the college grounds waiting for a ping or even around the town center waiting for an electronic hail.

martyn oakley said...

yeah right urber not operating in chelmsford i bet they change the rules when the v festival is on

Anonymous said...

TfL Compliance can't control them inside London, so what makes you think they can outside?

Anonymous said...

Other private hire outfits have jumped on the cross border bandwagon, Elstree and Borehamwood Station has a PH booking office in the station, TFL minicabs ranking up daily outside on the PH dedicated bays awaiting bookings.