Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Sun Sets On Uber York As Uber Britannia Limited withdraws From York licence appeal

UBER has dropped its legal fight over a licence to operate in York.

The ride-hailing app was refused a licence by City of York councillors in December, but launched an appeal less than a month later.

The case was due before the courts later this month, but the company announced this afternoon it was dropping its appeal.

A spokesman said: "Following recent changes we’ve made in the UK, as well as numerous licence renewals in cities including Sheffield and Cambridge, we have decided to withdraw our appeal in York.

"Rather than take up valuable court time and costs we intend to apply afresh for a new licence in the near future."

The decision means that York-licensed private hire drivers won't be able to use Uber - but the brand will not disappear from the streets altogether as drivers licensed in others areas can still come into York to work.

According to the company, fewer than 10 York-licensed drivers were actually active on the app.

Uber's spokesman has also confirmed that while it has changed its rules to stop drivers working outside the region in which they are registered, drivers from within Yorkshire can still come into the city.

Writing on its Facebook page, the York Private Hire Group called the decision a "massive win" which showed the city council's gambling, regulatory and licensing committee has been right to turn down the licence.

A spokesperson for City of York Council said: “We are aware of the decision by Uber Britannia Limited to withdraw their appeal. This will mean that Uber’s operating office in York is no longer licensed and the few private hire drivers working for them are currently unable to operate.”

However the council spokesman also confirmed that Uber drivers from elsewhere are legally allowed to operate in York.

The York-licensed drivers working on Uber will have to get a job with a licensed operator in the city, or pass licensing rules with another local authority, to be able to keep working.

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Anonymous said...

so basically ,UBER will still pick up in York...nothing absoloutely marvellous

Anonymous said...

If the licensed operator worked within the frame work of the legislation it would not create a major problem. The problem with Uber is that they don’t work within the frame work of the legislation.

The problems that have risen since Uber started operating in England & Wales is that the licencing authority have never read or understood the legislation appertaining to hackney carriage and private hire legislation. The only thing that appears to matter is the income it generates for each individual licensing authority.

It’s only in London that the hackney carriage and private hire is dealt with by a separate and individual licensing authority, even there they haven’t so far got a clue as shown by them licensing Uber in the first place.

They should have thrown the legislation at the government and told them to mind their own business and that it is Parliament that drew up the legislation in the first instance, then handed it down to TfL/T&PH to administer on a day to day basis.

No doubt somebody in the government or their associates had a vested interest in Uber, and therefore the reason they became involved.

Anonymous said...

Exactly what has happened. Disgraceful. Legitimate taxi drivers have had enough, TFL need to go. The Conservative government needs to go. Theresa May needs to go. We need to go back to being under the jurisdiction of the Metropolitan Police and a Public Carriage Office. The Private hire can still be under TFL if that suits. But TFL is not good enough for us Taxi drivers