Thursday, March 08, 2018

Tim Fenton Blows The Lid Off TFL's Complicity . Plus Tonight At The Astral Cafe, Join The Trades Most Proactive Group

Tim Fenton blows the lid off TfLs complicity in licensing Uber as an illegal app. In his blog he accuses TfL of ignoring the regulatory framework and granting Uber licence regardless. 

Tim's Blog post on Zelow Street finishes with the words:
"So there you have it: TfL knew, and spelt out in some detail, that Uber was an illegal operation in December 2013. Then, after lots of high level meetings, and the intervention of Travis Kalanick, along with representatives from Downing Street, it wasn’t.

I hate to use words like corruption, illegality and rule breaking, but there we are. As the fictional US cop once said, what we have here is a total lack of respect for the law"

This is a massive must read. 

Also see this periscope video from Steve Garelick 

Lenny Etheridge on Twitter:

We always knew what was going on. 
Thanks to principled journalists like Tim Fenton, we can get the truth out there without being accused of protectionism. 
It never was a level playing field. 

Uber had the referee, the linesmen, and the fourth official bought off.

Everyone in the mainstream media knows about @10DowningStreet's involvement. They knew about #Cameron#Osborne#Whetstone#Korski#Johnson#Javid#Hendy#Daniels#Emmerson#Chapman#Blake#Bertram#Mason#UberRape#UberPerjury
but the News Proprietors silenced it. 

This proud trade of professional, career Taxi drivers, have been demanding a full public enquiry for many years! 

We have had to take on the Establishment, with only a handful of incorruptible journalists and MPs. 

We fought this corrupt, infected behemoth alone.

Tonight At The Astral Cafe, Join The Trades Most Proactive Driver Group.

After the success of the last two evening events, Grant Davis will again be making a personal appearance at the Astral Cafe in Regency Street, corner of Horseferry Road (8:00-10:00pm) to sign up drivers to the trades most proactive driver group, the London Cab Drivers Club (LCDC).

The clubs members recently voted to ban Gett from advertising in its in house paper the Badge, when it emerged that Gett were advertising and offering a minicab service through their Gett Taxi smart phone app. 

Many drivers are upset about what's happened at Gett and we've heard reports that drivers are asking garages to remove liveries and refusing to take out vehicles carrying Gett's adverts. 

Well done to the club for being at the front line in this matter. 

The Badge -which hits the ranks this Friday- promises to be an explosive edition and will definitely put the cat amongst the pigeons, so make sure you get your copy.

If you have any questions about the clubs direction, please come along and speak to Chairman Grant Davis. 

The London Taxi Drivers Club...Proactive, Not Reactive.

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Anonymous said...

I think you will find Jim that the only reason gett are useing ph is so they can tender for the taxi card contract and if they win it then I have a very fun feeling that com cab will sell out to gett and become the largest radio curcit ever seen