Thursday, March 08, 2018

TfL Licence Information, Re Drivers, Vehicles And Operators.

Licences issued:
Information about the number and type of licence issued will be updated regularly. The following figures cover the week ending Monday 4 March 2018:

• Private hire driver licences - 114,218: a decrease 129 on the previous week, 181 licences are new.

• Private hire vehicle licences - 88,278: a decrease of 17 on the previous week, 444 licences are new.

• Private hire operator licences - 2,386: an increase of 0 on the previous week.

• Taxi driver licences - 23,883: a decrease of 26 on the previous week, 15 licences are new. Of those taxi drivers, 20,846 hold All London licences, and 3,037 hold Suburban licences.

• Taxi vehicle licences - 21,179: a decrease of 67 on the previous week, 5 are new.

Disappearing fast!
67 came off the road for good last week , with only 5 new registrations to take their place. 


Anonymous said...

If you have a decrease of 67 and 5 are new the number of older cabs taken off the road totals 72 surely.

Editorial said...

When have you ever known TFL to post anything accurately

michael kennedy said...

TFL Figures
01/02/2016 Green Badge 21602 Yellow Badge 3410 Total 25012. Taxis 22023
04/03/2018 Green Badge 20846 Yellow Badge 3037 Total 23883. Taxis 21179
There is a steady and continuing decline in numbers of vehicles and drivers
with Yellow Badge numbers falling faster as a proportion of the whole.
Towards the end of 2017 there was a slight recovery in vehicle numbers but this was down to vehicles being plated to beat the January 2018 zero emissions cut off.
Last week saw (according to TFL figures) 72 taxis come off the road with 5 newly plated.
It won't be long before the total number of plated taxis falls below 20,000