Monday, March 26, 2018

Taxi Driver Who Took Two Girls To Police Station For Refusing To Pay, Accused Of Kidnapping.

A taxi driver who drove two girls to a police station after they refused to pay him is devastated after being accused of kidnapping them on Facebook.

The mother of one of the girls in Hull posted a picture of Yakup Kahramanog, 42, online and he quickly began getting threats and abuse.

Taxis drivers are advised to drive passengers who refuse to pay their fairs directly to a police station but the backlash against Mr Kahramanog has left him considering giving up his job.

He told the Hull Daily Mail: ‘This is a really horrible situation to be in, it’s libellous. There are thousands of people on Facebook who have seen the post and I feel like I am being judged by them all because it has got everywhere.

‘I don’t want to go to work at night now, I am even thinking of leaving the taxi job and selling my car. I just don’t know what could happen to me.

‘How can I work confidently when I know someone who has seen me on Facebook could get in my car and attack me?’

Mr Kahramanog picked the girls up in west Hull at around 3.30am on Tuesday and drove them towards their homes, but they aroused suspicion by taking their shoes off and whispering to each other.

Yakup Kahramanog fears he will be attacked (Picture)

He asked them for £12, but they could only offer him £1. Then he asked them to get their parents to pay or to go to a cash machine, after they refused he drove to the police station.

Peter Nilsson, chairman of the Hull Hackney Carriage Association, backed Mr Kahramanog after viewing the CCTV footage.

He said: ‘He has acted in exactly the way he should. He never went anywhere near the girls and they were safe in the back of the vehicle.’

‘What he has gone through is awful. The woman has judge, jury and executed him on social media.’

Humberside Police confirmed they had given advice to both the taxi driver and the girls’ parents as the issue was a civil not a criminal matter.



Anonymous said...

"cival matter" not paying your fare?isn,t that bilking and a criminal offense?perhaps they should make paying up front mandatory especially at night,

Anonymous said...

Just keep them in the cab and let the police come to you.
I've done it several times.
No one gets out without paying
Don't care who they are or even who they think they are??

Anonymous said...

If I walked into a shop picked stuff off the shelf and walked out without paying
Is this a civil offence ?
What's the difference apart from cab drivers are treated as just mugs ??
It is not a civil offence it's bilking and this is a criminal offence.
It's time the police done there job.
No one walks away from me I don't care who they are.

Anonymous said...

You will find that if you hold someone in the taxi you could also be accused of kidnap. However you may of course make a citizens arrest if someone has committed a crime and then hold someone or follow until police arrive. The best option is to realize that the offence is committed by a refusal to pay, therefore you may of course ring a person they know to secure payment on their behalf via a bank transfer, or you may obtain proof of identification and address to secure payment subject to if not getting it a private court action. It is only an outright refusal to pay that falls under theft act, where you may obtain services of police to explain and then secure payment by some means. Best option is advance payments if in doubt of customer, or you may request proof of ability to pay before going. Show me the money!!!

Anonymous said...

Be careful if holding someone in taxi, they may smash up the rear of taxi and cause far more grief and loss for you than the few bob fare. Let it go if doing otherwise compromises your safety. A Volker will not likely be a savoury honest character and probably already has criminal record. Be safe!!