Monday, March 05, 2018

Harrow Taxi Driver Stabbed 8 Times In Attempted Robbery Deemed Not Newsworthy

We’ve received news that a Harrow licensed Taxi driver has been stabbed 8 times, in an attempted robbery. 
The driver was taken to a nearby hospital, but his injuries have been confirmed as not life threatening. 

The incedent took place on the Taxi rank outside Harrow On The Hill Station, on Collage Road Harrow Town centre, at approx 5:30am on Sunday morning. 

So far, the attack hasn’t been mention in any form of main news media...except for the local paper online page and a tweet put out this afternoon by Harrow Met Police.

The Tweet form Harrow Met Police reads:
Yesterday morning at 05:30 a Taxi driver was stabbed multiple times in Harrow Town Centre during an attempted robbery. 

His injuries have been confirmed as non-life threatening. Any witnesses to the incident are urged to contact #Harrow Police on 101.


Anonymous said...

do the so called police perform some funtion or what.
Sexual assaults and stabbing every day
And there to busy ??????
Looking for people who owe money to the corporations.
That's all the police are,corporate bods doing corporate collecting.
A total wast of space.
Fuck them and fuck this shithole town.

colin said...

The establishment are busy protecting the rape app,a Taxi driver a Hackney driver is not worth reporting,but if it was a driver from the rape app it would be different because they would want the publicity,the public sympathy & after all if it was a driver from the rape app they would see it as good advertising,free advertising & watch the liberal left media swing into action.