Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Slovak Court Orders Uber To Suspend Operations While TfL Allows Uber BV To Carry On Regardless

A Slovak court has ordered Uber to suspend its operations in the country, a court spokesman said on Tuesday, responding to an action by taxi drivers who say the ride-hailing service represents unfair competition.

Though the decision came into effect on March 6 it was announced only on Tuesday and Uber services were still available in the Slovak capital Bratislava.

"The defendant is obliged to refrain from allowing people who do not meet legal requirements (...) to carry out taxi services in Slovakia," court spokesman Pavol Adamciak said.

The Bratislava-based Association of certified taxi drivers filed the lawsuit in January, arguing Uber drivers do not meet the requirements for professional taxi drivers and the cars do not meet the safety and regulatory requirements for professional transport services.

Uber in Slovakia declined to comment until it received the court decision.  

Uber has faced regulatory and legal setbacks around the world amid opposition from traditional taxi services. 

The European Union's top court said in a landmark ruling in December that Uber should be classified as a transport service and regulated like other taxi operators.

Meanwhile......in London:

Last year in London, TfL deemed Uber unfit to run a taxi service and stripped it of its license to operate. Uber is appealing against the decision.

We’ve been informed that the Uber’s appeal will not be heard until after the workers rights case. This could mean the case dragging in till mid 2019

In the last two weeks, it has emerged the TfL licensed Uber London Ltd, are not and have not been dispatching jobs to drivers. Emails obtains by FOI request show that all journeys have been dispatched by an unlicensed Dutch company... Uber BV. 

Emails published on Tim Fenton’s Zelo Street Blog show that top officials at TfL have known about this illegal activity since 2013, yet have repeatedly failed to act, sweeping scandal after scandal under the carpet (13,000 Fake DBS certificates- fake medicals- on off insurance- no landline).

See TfL putting the public at risk : http://taxileaks.blogspot.co.uk/2017/09/tfl-have-knowingly-been-putting-public.html

Many London Taxi drivers are stunned at the lack of action from their representative orgs. 

This is leading some drivers to believe the relationship between their representation and our regulators has become too close.

Taxi driver Peter Collins said: “what happened to the LTDA million pound war chest? 

“Why are we constantly being asked to wait and see?

"Why haven't we seen our trade leaders banging on Mike Brown's door demanding a cease and desist order placed on Uber's operation? Too busy promoting a vehicle we can't afford !!!

“The Trade needs action now, before it’s too late. Uber could drag out their appeal for years, biding time until the London Taxi trade is just a memory”.


Anonymous said...

Lol do you really think that they would put he money up lol come on it’s game over the Knolwedge it’s well and truly finished only 3 people have signed up in the last 5 months what is that telling you turn the lights out on the way out

colin said...

Anyone would think that the eastern block Country's are more democratic & free than this Country,this country would sell it's gran for a fiver.

Anonymous said...

its the con-servatives , its in the name, shame that lots of taxi drivers voted for them !

Anonymous said...

the ltda are going to sell us all up the river,1 million pound "war chest"that sounds a nice little shareout,where do the ltda s assets go when they wind it up? are the members shareholders? who actually owns "taxi house"?

Anonymous said...

Would it not be worth looking at the legality of uber still recruiting even though they its license hasnt been renewed it seems legally wrong to me that they can still recruit drivers even though they haven't technically got a current licence??

lee ward said...

I have made enough arguments as to why Uber are illegal and Monsters Inc have uncovered so many damming emails it beggars belief.

Yet another country finds Uber to be illegal but the UK allows them to continue.

Where will the Tories stand after Brexit when these companies bleed money out of the economy as they currently Do?

War chests need to be opened and I for one will help them to spend it on the right argument.