Saturday, March 24, 2018

No One Is Above The Law Says Mayor Sadiq Khan...Unless It's An Uber Prius Says TfLTPH.


If ever there was an article that alleged the Mayor &  TfLTPH are in the pockets of Uber... it’s this! 

What’s happened to the London’s clean air policy when it comes to Uber's main stock Prius then?

Where are the Clean up London's air campaign protestors?

The article below from 

"New CO2 figures for the updated Toyota Prius have pushed the car out of the London Congestion Charge exemption zone, which dictates that cars must produce less than an average of 75g/km CO2 in order to enter the area free of charge".

A Transport for London (TfL) spokesman confirmed to Autocar that it won't be re-evaluating existing cars, however, the main stock in Uber's arsenal, the Prius, which is now listed as producing 78g/km of CO2 according to Europe's latest emissions testing procedure, will keep its free pass into the capital's Congestion Charge zone even in its latest form.

The adjusted numbers are a result of changes to the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) test. European regulators are now using this evolved process that adopts some parts of the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP), which will come fully into force next year.

It's a tougher test, therefore it has edged the Prius range's official CO2 output to 78g/km for the most efficient variant on 15in wheels, representing an increase of 5g/km. Models equipped with 17in wheels now have CO2 emissions of 82g/km, up from 76g/km.

Everyone is equal under the law, it’s just that Uber appear to be more equal than others.


Anonymous said...

and where are the 'ORGS'?

Anonymous said...

For the last 20 plus years the unions if that’s what you call them have done nothing so why moan now because nothing will change now it’s over and who’s willing to wait at the flyer for a fixed price job of £60 and that’s both ways gents from zone one you may say oh it will not happen we’ll wait and see gone are the days of good jobs

Joseph said...

Just to clarify, this post is confusing CO2, which causes climate change but it's harmless to human health in local emissions, with NO2 and particulate matter, which is what the clean air policy intends to reduce in London because it's detrimental to our health.

Mary said...

Even more reason then that these Prius be charged because not only do they affect health of Londoners
the affect the global aspect and contribute to global warming which seems to be being ignored by Tfzl completely
as if global warming was a lie.