Monday, March 26, 2018

New Report Claims London's Congestion Charge Has Increased Pollution, Why Didn't TfL Move Towards Cleaner LPG?

London's congestion charge, introduced in 2003, has actually increased diesel pollution in the capital according to university researchers.

Scientists from Lancaster University, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology presented a study on the matter at the Royal Economic Society's annual conference.

The study found that since the introduction of the charge, nitrogen dioxide levels in the city have increased by 20 per cent.

Nitrogen dioxide is a common emission from diesel vehicle exhausts, and is deemed to be so harmful that the World Health Organisation has classified that as carcinogenic, due to evidence they cause lung cancer. The study suggests that the discouragement of passenger cars could have pushed commuters into heavily polluting diesel buses and taxis. 

These vehicles are exempt from paying the congestion charge, which currently costs £11.50 per day.

A parliamentary enquiry last year called air pollution in the capital a 'public health emergency', and as a result the city of London added an extra charge for owners of older, more polluting vehicles. The T-Charge covers any diesel vehicle which was built before Euro 4 emissions standards and costs an extra £10 on top of the existing £11.50 congestion charge.

John Heywood, lead author of the study, said: "Exempting buses and taxis meant that these diesel vehicles drove many more miles as a result of the congestion charge as commuters transferred out of personal cars into these forms of public transport. This reflected an explicit policy to expand public transport provision in the zone.

"As a consequence, the fuel mix of vehicles in the zone moved toward diesel . . . The reduction in other pollutants has to be weighed against negative health effects associated with a marked increase in NO2 emissions."


Funny, this commissioned report says nothing about the plague of extra private hire licenses dished out like sweets by TfL to anyone with the cash!

London's Private hire fleet has gone from 30,000 vehicles to 120,000 in just 6 years, as TfL have used private hire vehicle licenses as a cash cow to top up their coffers.

The report also makes no mention of the fact that TfL never promoted a move to LPG powered Taxis, leaving Taxi drivers with no option other than to purchase diesel vehicles. 

The move away from CO2 producing older engines (CO2 virtually harmless to health) propagated the rise in NOx and Particle Matter production (which is dangerous to health and is alleged to be responsible for many thousand preventable deaths).

Another question then to TfL....why was no research done on this subject? 

The buck has to be placed firmly at their door, not ours!



LCDC Regular trade update from Grant Davis

No secret squirrel 

Proactive not reactive 👀👍🏻


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Anonymous said...

Most vehicles are stationary stuck in traffic while spewing out fumes. This is because all the roads are clogged with Uber cars and also most roads are half the size due to cycle lanes. For example the embankment used to flow nicely and now is just gridlocked all day and night. Get rid of Uber and massively wide cycle lanes and congestion will clear and so will the air. But they won't do that, they will just bash the real taxi drivers with a bankrupting business model of hugely expensive taxi and unfair competition.

Anonymous said...

It's hardly an update by Davis. He's got more good news for the trade he can't tell us about.
No names, no info, no nothing. Yes, cab drivers are being expoited by Gett. But lets not forget who voted to sell off RTG for 30 pieces of silver, THE DRIVERS!
It's easy to criticise when you have a alternate income to pay your bills. The old adage, actions speak louder than words. Years ago people like Davis used a soap box; today we have periscope !

Anonymous said...

The lcdc are skint all them email will not change a thing as uber are set to be Re Licensed sooner than we think and the one tire system is on it’s way

Anonymous said...

one "tire" system is on its way,i,m lost on that one.reason why the trades going down the gurgler is far too many drivers are "looking after number 1 " it never ceases to amaze me how many cab drivers will leap out there cabs wanting to fight a fellow cab driver if he thinks hes nicked a job off them,but sit in silence while they,re shafted by tfl,be lucky

niir ahmed said...

It’s really sheet service TFL . TfL mean rob public money nicely . Last I was london , I paid congestion charge that was pending . I send mail didn’t get response .i called them make sure pay was success even he not inform me any thing ,One person told me success even he send me mail , now they send me penalty charge notice . I send them letter it was with penalty charge but last one week they didn’t reply . I think they are not responsible about hear from people just they need stupid money .its one kind of harassment .