Thursday, March 22, 2018

LCDC Chairman Grant Davis Emails Mike Brown/TfL Over Shocking Uber Driver Video.

London Cab Driver Club (LCDC) Chairman Grant Davis, has emailed TfL Commissioner Mike Brown along with many others at TfL, over yesterday's Daily Mail story regarding the Uber driver who terrified his passengers by trying to reverse along the motor way after missing his turn off. 

Subject: Uber driver filmed reversing on a busy road in terrifying footage

Dear All,

As a taxi driver for the last 29 years, I must say that though I'd had seen most every level of bad driving.... I was wrong.

Tonight on the Daily Mail website, it has this story, to say I am shocked is an understatement.

I read with interest that our Commission has stated he has meet with Dara from UBER a couple of times and that the attitude from the app is encouraging?

I will answer this in the next edition of the Badge, but what I will say is that the banning of UBER from the streets of this once Great City cannot come a week too soon.

Yours Sincerely 

Grant Davis


We're going to get hit!': Terrified passengers shout at London Uber driver as he REVERSES the wrong way down a busy road just inches away from speeding lorries

  • Jaw-dropping footage was taken by terrified passengers in London in February
  • Uber driver took the wrong slip road - then decided to reverse in the busy road 
  • Cars and lorries speed past just inches away on the pitch black, icy road
  • The driver ignores them and keeps reversing as passengers fear for their lives



Why are Uber still operating?

Tim Fenton has exposed and published evidence, that all Uber journeys past and present have been dispatched by unlicensed Dutch company Uber BV and not Uber London Ltd. This means every single job has been illegal. 

Mike Brown Knows this.

Sadiq Khan knows this.

Worst of all.....TfL have known about this since 2013, but decided to sweep it under the carpet and allowed Uber to carry on regardless. 

It's been obvious to most of the Taxi and Private Hire Trade in London that something wasn't right at TfL with regards to Uber's licensing.

After six years of increasing road traffic accidents, sexual assaults including rape of passengers by Uber drivers, terrorist attacks, credit card fraud, possession of firearms, possession of class A drugs and the data hacking scandal, TfL have never to this day carried out a safety assessment or due diligence of the Uber platform.

  • If you'd like to speak to grant or any of the clubs proactive team, please come along to the Astral Cafe' tonight between 8 and 10pm. 

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colin said...

Last year an uber driver left Heston services to drive into London on the west bound carriage way,how do i know because my son in law heard it come out on the Police radio.

It's also fun when your on the 5 buffer & watch them try to reverse back down the T5 ramp to the drop off.

Anonymous said...

Thing is Jim nothing will happen they will probably win an award for this for not killing the passengers TFL do not give a toss it’s gone on way too long now nothing will change and we all know it it’s a disgrace how non of the orgs took them to court