Friday, March 23, 2018

Sean Paul Day : Open Letter To Credit Card Equipment Provider CMT.

I write with reference to the attachment included in this email. 

On the 23rd of February the CMT device and meter were both removed from the aforementioned Taxi, reg:@@@@@@. 

The removal being carried out at Taxi World, Tottenham Hale.

Although CMT’s property has already been removed, I read with interest your accompanying letter.  For the record, I consider CMT- the payment system provider- to have violated the terms laid out in the Consumer Rights Act 2015 

The equipment supplied was intended for a particular purpose but failed in its consistency to meet that requirement. Had it been fit for that specified purpose I would have been contented to process all payments through the CMT payment system. I was, however, not prepared to accept its continual malfunctioning. 

I have accepted Credit Card payments for five years prior to the credit card mandate. In fact, it is my preferred method of payment, but the fallibility of your system makes the service provider appear both unreliable and unprofessional. 

To date, I consider CMT to owe me within the region of £120 in lost revenue due fo the system freezing and subsequently rendering the transaction incomplete.

In closing, you’re welcome to inform TfL that I have substituted my fixed terminal with a handheld card reader but the information will be secondary as I have already done so.

I trust you have now updated your files accordingly.


Sean Paul Day


This is not a great PR expose for CMT, it's not the way the trade expects to be bullied. 

Most of the drivers I've spoken to, like myself feel they have been mis-sold this CNT contract. 

When I had my equipment fitted by Taxi World at Mitre Way East Acton, I was asked to enter my bank details on a form so they could pay me. I was then asked to sign the form on the bottom and at no time was I told I was signing a contract. 

I was never asked to read terms and conditions and I was never give or sent a copy of a contract. 

When I asked the fitters if there was any minimum usage stipulation, I was told there was none. 

Personally I have been very happy with my equipment having only had one experience of no signal (Bromley by Bow). Until now that is:

I find the new tip option on the contactless payments annoying, time consuming and not worth the extra few pence it brings in. 

I've only had the upgrade 2 days and have already had to compromise my safety by getting in the back to sort out the machine 3 times. 

Also m not happy with CMT sticking ArrowPay stickers on my already crowded front and rear windscreens. Do they really expect me to encourage my cash customers to pay using ArrowPay so CMT can then grab 3.75% +20p of my payment???

For far too long the trade has been bullied by garages, manufacturers, regulators, councils and trade suppliers...great after sales service is almost an impossibility to find in this trade. 

I've used the same garage (North West Taxis) for over 15 years because I get great service and I trust them. Same with Hendon tyres. 

If businesses want to attract and keep trade, it should be done by offering a first class service, a keen pricing structure and great after sales service. Not by trapping drivers into a contract they have no idea they've signed!


Anonymous said...

Tfl cant make you accept credit. They have stated that they cant make the laws only enforce them. Remind them of this fact should they hinder your business and directly hold the individual responsible for loss of earnings by taking there details if he/she stops you from working for not using their approved deviced.

On another note my approved device has to be paired with my phone to work. I have to touch my phone with the engine running in order to comply with tfl as the approved reader will not operate if i switch the engine off! Remember at the end of the day its all bull Sh*t!

Anonymous said...

What with the 3.9%
Plus loss of tips and the time the thing takes.
CMT should pay every driver £20 per week compensation.
Just another bunch of parasites feeding off the working man.
Scum as far as I'm concerned.

Anonymous said...

There’s always an idiot, ( probably in the UCG) banging on about offering credit.
You are taking payment by card, this is correct and compulsory. This is not offering credit, which is different.
Trev didn’t understand this simple life fact before I blocked his dumb account - he’s not racist

Anonymous said...

the introduction of being forced to take cards has personally cost me hundreds of pounds so far,they never seem to accept contactless,so you have to ask the customer to go through the procedure again[after you,ve had to reset it ] they stick the card on the screen ignoring the tip option so you,ve got to start again,then what happens if the card dosen,t work? [perhaps because they,ve deliberately put the wrong number in] and the passenger insists its your machine at fault and refuses to go to a cashpoint ?what happens then? you phone the police but is it a cival matter or is the passenger nicked for bilking [ don,t hold your breath].a big thank you to all the trade orgs who supported this fiasco.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2.35pm

Are you really that much of an idiot? use cab app, i've never had a problem using it.

Just admit, you're one of the trade killers who doesn't want to take cards. My earnings have gone up since mandatory cc