Friday, March 16, 2018

Cyclist Known For Aggression Towards London Taxi Drivers, Launches Unwarranted Attack On Female Lenny Etheridge

Taxi drivers have to put up with all kinds of abuse from disgruntled cyclist. 

A cyclist known for his aggression towards London Taxi drivers, launched a horrendous attack on a lady Taxi driver, yesterday afternoon. The whole incident was recorded on a bus CCTV, behind the Taxi. 

The bus driver has said he is a willing to be a witness to the attack. Police were called to the incident, but the cyclist ran off before they arrived.

Observers said, the cyclist approached the Licensed Taxi at the lights. He got off his bike and proceeded to smash both of the lady's wing mirrors. He then threw three punches towards the female Taxi drivers face, through the open window, as she sat terrified in her cab.  

This is the face of the aggressor who is alleged to have launched the unwarranted attack on a female Cabby in Southwark Street by the lights with Great Suffolk Street.

The police have shown great interest in this unwarranted attack. They said "the cyclist is well known to us and will be easy to find".

The lady cabby was not far from her garage and after a phone call, a mechanic rushed to her assistance in his van.

The bus driver was very helpful telling her, the whole incident has been captured on the buses CCTV system. 
By the time the police arrived, the despicable, cowardly cyclist had shot off.

If you see this man, please alert the police. The job's dangerous enough without having to put up with lunatics like this!

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Anonymous said...

This moron is obviously a coward
that's why he picked on a woman.
Love him to knock my mirrors off.
Does this prick work for TfL by
Any chance.

Anonymous said...

Well there you have it he will only start on a woman what a weak man What a wimp be seeing you

Anonymous said...

With all the junk he's got hanging off he's face he's obviously got a self esteem problem.
He sees a release to this by focusing he's anger against taxi drivers.
Was he breast fed as a baby ?
Is he's father a transgender person ?
So many unanswered questions.
Where did he get the tattoo who done it and why ??
One smack in the mouth he's whole poxy little world will cave in.

Anonymous said...

Imagine a cab driver bashing up lady cyclists. It would be all over the the London news on TV and a huge man hunt would be started.

Anonymous said...

I think he’s mother told him as a. Child he would be a key ring or was that a ring piece probably both

Anonymous said...

Filthy sod wants to have a wash he looks rotten... Shows the intelligence of the fellow allowing his filthy body to be tattooed with vile filth

Anonymous said...

If the guy you have posted the picture of is the guy from the cctv then that isn't fuck taxis guy

Editorial said...

We never said it was !
He is just one of many aggressive cyclists

We have posted the face of the attacker