Saturday, March 17, 2018

Companies Queuing Up To Relocate Away From The Capital, Over TfL And The Mayor's Crazy Traffic Schemes

A senior employee at Unilever has told a Taxi Leaks researcher, that owning to the difficulty in getting to meetings at their Blackfriars HQ, the company is relocating to Rotterdam. 

Paul, our researcher said, the conversation took place, while taking home the senior member of Unilever staff. 

The passenger said "owning to the nightmare of getting into work to attend meetings, it’s been decided to relocate the company’s HQ to Holland".

He went on to say how the changes to the area along the Embankment, Blackfriars Bridge and Farringdon Street, have made the area virtually inaccessible for most of the working day. 

Recent road works in Queen Victoria street and the Bank Junction have also added to the problem.

So much for Sadiq Khans catch phrase “London’s Open”.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Londons already dead theres no night life anymore, London is a ghost town after ten.
And in the day time, people can't get about to do there business.
They've messed this city up good and proper.

I was born here 58 years ago and now cannot wait to get away from it all.

TfL and everyone that works there should be held accountable.
London’s a mess.
Your welcome to it and this job.

Do a forty hour week and your not even on minimum wage.
Anyone who thinks he's not on minimum wage should sit down with a pen and paper and work it out.

Don't forget to add what you don't get i.e. Sick pay, holiday pay, bank holiday pay
Then take away cab rent and diesel the jobs finished.

Anonymous said...

I've been saying this . That tfl are about destroyin London as the business capital of Europe. Since the day ken snivellingstone became nightmayor of London 16 yrs ago . Then boirisk the bone head then sadgit khant run a bath thinks it's OK to be blown to bits by terrorism. I've had plenty of passengers who have said they hope or won't be coming back to London on business anymore. And it seems to be happening. So well done livingstone. Johnson . Khan . You've done what Hitler couldn't. Give yourselves a pat on the back