Wednesday, February 07, 2018

TfL Senior Managers, Like Rats Abandoning A Sinking Ship...As They Face Losses of £968m


It appears TfL have grossly mismanaged the Tube, just as they have grossly mismanaged Taxi and Private Hire. The Mayor who chairs TFL's board acts as if a deficit of £968m is nothing to worry about.

Last week, TfL announced they were facing a possible £400m shortfall in their finances. 

It now appears that TfL haven’t been completely truthful about their budget deficit. (There’s a surprise)

This week an internal email has been leaked to the media which shows that the deficit TfL are facing is well over double the amount stated last week. 

The leaked email given to the BBC, describes the finances of TfL, “like a household budget that couldn’t  afford to pay the mortgage”.

Insiders at TfL have voiced considerable anger at the scale of the cuts they face.

The email says TfL "will make a loss next year of £968m".

Many senior managers have already left, new Tube trains have been cut and bus services will be reduced by 7%.

Commentators say the organisation is facing a perfect storm financially.

TfL, Totally failing London.....again 


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Anonymous said...

This country has the biggest dress up for anything that does not suit the top people have no where to turn no wonder their is so much crime strikes benefits and near crisis levels in so called great Britain. The only reason they have votes is so they can blame the last lot bottom line is they are all in it together top and lower bottom is the only way this place is going. Hello daytime TV benefits and frozen food wouldn't laugh not long of .as long as the news looks good with low unemployment figures great Britain's getting it right I right