Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Nottingham Council Show TfL How It Should Be Done.


Nottingham council are showing the was forward. Not only are the council investing in Electric Charging infrastructure, they are actually buying a small number of new ULEV Taxi to lease out to drivers who can't afford to buy directly. Plus, they are also to carry on promoting the present Euro VI models. 

Below is an article from The Business Desk: 

Nottingham's famous enough Green Taxis.

Nottingham City Council is driving changes to the city’s fleet of taxis as it continues on a journey of improvement.

Next week it will unveil eco-friendly hackney cab vehicles, and a new app, as part of an ongoing programme of changes.

The most noticeable change will be a new black-and-white livery that will replace the existing green cabs.

More significantly, the council will be placing orders for a small number of Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) models and investing in supporting charging infrastructure.

It has the ambition of all of the city’s cabs, which currently total 411, to be either ULEV models or meet Euro VI, a European Union directive that sets standards for emissions from light commercial vehicles.

The changes will contribute to achieving air quality standards and support any potential Clean Air Zone, the council said.

Cllr Toby Neal from Nottingham City Council said: “For too long, taxis have been the poor relation in Nottingham’s integrated transport network.

“This is a really exciting transformation of taxi services in our city.

“It means we will no longer have cabs churning out exhaust fumes while sitting in the rank, so it benefits everyone in the city, not just taxi passengers.”

A new app has been developed by MyTaxi, which has 18,000 drivers signed up in London alone. Nottingham becomes the first UK city to follow London in launching the service that allows passengers to book a hackney from their smart phone, use cashless payment and have their journey and driver logged.


Anonymous said...

Thing is TFL can do this Jim but they will not the reason it’s a dead trade that is soon to be laid to rest

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am resolutely sure 400 taxis are contributing massively towards air polution in Nottingham . The other half a million mixed assortment of vehicles have little to do with the problem. Its a bit like comparing the smell of a fart to the stench of a sewage treatment facility. Taxis are now a national political football for the inadequates that couldn't run a bath!

Anonymous said...

Watching News at ten last night I must admit to being surprised at seeing a new Taxi working in the background, if the job is that bad in the smoke why on earth are cabbies prepared to invest £55,000 a new vehicle?
I used to have a TX1 in Bristol,no way I could afford the payments on a new cab, would probably mean working approximately 15 hours a day just to make the same money as someone on minimum wage.