Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Glamour Model Turned Cabby, Joins Team Of Ex-Page 3 Girls To Help Cancer Stricken Colleague

We all remember The Sun newspaper's page 3 girls, how could anybody possibly forget them. They were as much a part of British culture over the last few decades as pie and mash.

Sadly, one of those iconic ladies has been stricken with Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma, a very rare form of cancer.

Belinda Charlton Gilfoyle, 48 and pictured above, was diagnosed with the illness 4 years ago, it has attacked her tongue and has spread to her lungs and her breastbone.

Unfortunately, the NHS are unable to treat Belinda, there is, however the possibility of a ground-breaking treatment abroad, which will give her a real fighting chance.

Glamour model turned taxi driver Donna Ewin, plus several other models, have flown into action to help their friend and fellow page 3 girl.

A charitable event to help raise funds for Belinda's treatment will take place on 28th March with full details to be released soon. The girls have also started a go-fund-me page to help Belinda, the target figure is £250,000. This figure will help facilitate Belindas treatment and give her a real shot at beating her illness.

I spoke to the ever-popular, Donna Ewin, who decided to follow in her fathers footsteps to become a cabby 17 years ago, she said:

 "Belinda is a beautiful person, inside and out, she is a loving wife, mother and grandmother. She is incredibly brave and her selflessness is truly amazing. We are here to ask the public for help so that she has a fighting chance to beat this awful illness."

Donna added: "please, if you are able to, make a donation, no matter how small the amount, every penny will help this wonderful woman."

If you wish to donate, please visit:

Article from TaxiPoint 


please see the article in the Sun, all about Belinda's colleagues coming together to raise the funds for her treatment. 

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