Wednesday, February 14, 2018

EXCLUSIVE : Massive Victory For Trade As Three Taxi Drivers Sue Uber And Win

Although full details are not available at this time, three Taxi drivers have successfully sued Uber for compensation and won.

This is what’s been posted on twitter today by one of the drivers:

My claim against Uber for lost of earnings was settled out of court in my favour. 

So what are the unions doing on behalf of cab drs, if I can do it, why can't they do it?

I cannot disclose how much Uber paid me because I signed a confidential form not to openly say how much I got, nothing tried nothing gained.

Under the London Authorities Act, Tfl had a duty not to cause us harm or loss, well they broke that pledge when they allowed Uber on the streets of London, a class action is the way forward.

To all drivers, this now needs to be a class action going back over 4 years and it should be headed by the unions on behalf of us all, myself and 2 others have tested the water and it works, now press the unions.

Its not about what we got it was about opening the door so the class action could be taken for all drivers.

TfL have a MASSIVE problem now, because UBERS apology is an admittance of gross negligence with the safety of Londoners and TFL have been complicit!!!

Remember email Steve Mc sent out to all members, telling them this wasn't possible? 

 TfL are culpable. 

How often have the ITA said TfL neglected in their duty to check Uber's work model before licensing them, and in doing so harmed this trade? 

 Well done to the three drivers involved in this groundbreaking case against Uber. 


 Let’s now remember everyone thinking we were mad to even contemplate suing Uber for compensation. 

Our union (GMB) has listened to us, while everyone else looked on clueless! 

 We'd come across like "Greedy cabbies" we were warned.

Nothing greedy in demanding what's rightfully yours!

Lenny Etheridge (Dads Defending Daughters)

This was the email sent to subscribers of the LTDA.




Anonymous said...

This is exactly what I have been saying to unite for ages,but like the chocolate fire guard they are they refused to act. I think this proves there is not much point being a member of this union

Solybananas said...

Befor we persue a class action I would like to have more details of these three cabbies. Maybe someone can shed more light on the subject?

Corrigan Roy said...

It's a crying shame that the 'Orgs' weren't all over this themselves in support of all their members who've paid good money over the years!

Anonymous said...

I'm disgusted by all these Orgs - they should have done this themselves in support of their members. What on earth do they get paid for and why do members continue paying their subs? Cabbies should be suing their Orgs for negligence!