Tuesday, February 13, 2018

EXCLUSIVE : In The Wake Of A Woefully Inadequate Licensing Authority We Now Have Inept Heathrow Rank Agents.

A Taxi driver has taped this message onto the canteen door at Heathrow airport feeder park (Lutheran style), asking other drivers to join him in action against the airports agents.

The London taxi driver is allegedly taking Apcoa Parking Uk Ltd (who are the agency in charge of running the feeder park and ranks at Heathrow) to the small claims court.

The driver is sueing APCOA for loss of earnings due to their ineptitude during the recent snow falls. 

It's claimed that on the 10th December and the morning of the 11th December 2017, due to snow/slush hundreds of flights were cancelled, massive queues formed on the terminal 5 taxi rank. But hundreds of vacant Taxis were kept waiting in the feeder park. 

Passengers, many elderly or with children were kept waiting for up to 3hrs in the queue, quite unnecessarily. 

Photographs (now submitted as evidence) were taken of long queues along with Videos and Audio recordings of customer complaints. 
It wasn't until 3am that the demand was fulfilled.

The claimant alleges he was kept back and claims to have lost around £70 on two occasions. The driver also claims that his reputation has been damaged by this incident. 

Photographs were made of the hundreds of Taxis held back in the feeder park by Heathrow's agents. Complaints have been made to APCOA but widely ignored. 

The claimant is alleging negligence and is claiming £240 plus £25 court fee. He is also making a claim for interest on the amount under section 69 of the county courts act of 1984, up until judgement is made. 

Question that needs answering :
Did the order to hold back the Taxis come from third party interests?

Passengers in the queue were being told to get the Heathrow Express, or jump on the Piccadilly line.

Not the first time our business has been ferreted away by interested third parties....we all remember the 24hr travel passes that were issued with tickets to the Olympic park back in 2012! 


Taxi Leaks editor has also received a letter of complaint (below in full and unedited) from one of our regular readers.
Dated 7 February 2018 at 12:32:07 GMT
To: taxi.complaints@apcoa.com
Subject: Physical and verbal assault by your staff

Terminal 5 rank 

Dear Alison Crathorne
Just had a run in last night with a rank person (RP) on terminal 5 
Had a girl come up wanting fix price 2 Hilton term 5 
Said no thanks to RP wile he went down rank she asked me why ?
Told her why £25-£30 that I don’t need the argument that always happens at that hotel on short journey big price 
She only wanted to pay £10 ?
She walked.

Next job RP says “he won’t do it ?” Sneering and pointing towards me ?
He wouldn't tell me where this fixed price job was going & went straight to another taxi bypassing me ?

I explained to him that the point Taxi (me) has the right of refusal for fixed price if outside the met and that he had to tell me where it was going. 
He told me to “f@@k off you c@@t !” in front of customer 
I went to the other RP to asked him to come out of the box and witness what is going on !
While this was going on I saw him (1st RP) put his camera on as before it wasn't on him, just sitting on a trolly !

I asked their names, as I was going to make a official complaint, but they both refused, acting like children.
I went back to my Taxi, got my phone and told them as the refused to give names I would photo them so they could be identified later.
As I was trying to get a picture of there face, the childish behaviour continued.

It was then that the 1st RP, physically slapped my hand so hard it knocked my phone to the floor (which was obviously his intention) to stop me filming him or break my phone and then called me a something else very rude. The second RP said quote 
“oh shit ! that’s not good !”

The driver behind me witness it all!
and was just as disgusted as me with your staff actions. I have his phone number if it is needed.

As I have been physically & verbally assaulted by your staff, I made a point to speak to someone last night that claimed to be “the manager!”

She said she would go straight to terminal 5 to collect the camera data.
Did that happen ?

If so, I want a copy.
Don’t your employees have to have their cameras on at all times ?

As this is now time sensitive, depending on your reaction and your actions in this matter, I will give you 24 hours to confirm receipt of this complaint  and to get things moving ? 
Please phone me asap, as no manager is in today ? 
There is a surprise ?never is (According to your staff in the cabin at 11:00am).

I will be personally very upset if I find this childish person working on any rank till you sort this matter out with me personally.

I want to get police involved, but have been asked to let you try to do the right thing ?

I know there is a code of conduct for Taxi drivers at Heathrow ....What about your staff ?

I will not hesitate to splash this all over the internet 
all unions/orgs have also been informed.

I want a copy of your complaint procedure!
Looking forward to see what you have to say for yourself.

We now wait for APCOA's reply.


We just heard this morning that RP1 has been called in and fired by APCOA for gross misconduct. 

Proving that it really does pay off to complain.


Anonymous said...

You must of done your homework Jim, what trade org is behind this bloke, if any?

Editorial said...

Going by the spelling and gramma I should have thought there's no org behind this document.

Anonymous said...

I don't envy these taxi Marshall's Heathrow operatives, they are likely poorly paid and poorly trained, they are stuck between us and difficult members of public, and we can be a bit awkward at times since we have to deal with the public in the right way. The thing I find is that often these operatives are very similar to door bouncers of old, they are also highly scruffy and sometimes downright rude. This is the first point of contact between a weary traveller and us, impressions especially first ones are important. They need to step up their standards, as do we on occasions. I have personally been broomed some shit fares by a fellow Heathrow cabby at the frustration of the Marshall. Please just accept your luck on day and take what's due. And Marshall's need to be extremely professional too. It's just not good enough at moment. Nobody wants to lose the airport work to minicabs.