Tuesday, February 27, 2018

EXCLUSIVE : Putting To Bed The Rumours About Rotherhithe Tunnel And Albert Bridge Restrictions In Regards To Taxis... By Jim Thomas.

Recent email updates from TfL have been unclear (there's a surprise). People who have signed up for the TfL service, were given the news that any vehicle over the width of two meters (six foot six inches or 78 inches in old money) were not allowed to use the Rotherhithe Tunnel and if you do, you could wind up with a £50 fine or prosecution. 

The TX4 with a width of 80.2 inches, and the new LEVC TX standing at 80.16 inches, puts both vehicles outside the width restriction.

The update does not specify if Taxis (TX4/MetroCab/Vito/TXe) are banned or are exempt!

After tweets were made by drivers last night that Taxis could no longer use the Tunnel, we have been reliably informed by the TfLTPH account that Taxis can use the Tunnel. 

We took the trouble to remind the TfL account that the TX4 is in fact 80.2 inches wide and the new TXe was 80.16 wide, and have since received this Tweet.

Taxi Leaks Suggestion :
It would be helpful if TfL amend their webpage and resend another update, confirming this information. 

After being informed that Taxi garages were told before they can carry out servicing on the new TXe, they have to go to the added expenses of changing their inspection ramps to a 4 ton baseless model.

It was mentioned on Twitter yesterday, that the new TXe from LEVC may in fact be too heavy for the weight limit for vehicles using Albert Bridge.

Some of you may remember the over zealous traffic cop who was writing tickets out to Taxis going over Albert bridge, saying that by having passengers, they were exceeding the weight limit. 

We can now confirm Albert Bridge was strengthened by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in 2011, with the weight limit increased to 3 ton. 

This has also been confirmed on the TfLTPH Twitter account. 

It may be wise to keep a copy of these tweets for future reference, incase we come up against another over zealous traffic cop!

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