Thursday, February 08, 2018

After The Ball Is Colin The Cabby.

       Brexiteer Julian Sturdy MP for York Outer.

I didn't know anything about the protest, but as I sat in stationary traffic at Cromwell & Queensgate, wondering what the holdup was, the phone rung.... it was my friend Paul from 'Black Cab Now', asking "are you on the demo?"
"well I am now", I replied.

I stayed with the protest for about an hour until we were all told to go back to work.

As it finished, I picked up Julian Sturdy Mp and took him to Vauxhall. 
We had a chat about recent events and the Tories support of an illegal plying for hire app. 
But I must say I found him very naive. 

He talked about intelligent technology doing away with manual jobs of which I asked, 
"if the jobs are going to go...then what future have my grandchildren got?". 

I told him there's no way I wanted to revisit the 1800's because this will finally kick everything off....and, don't expect the police to maintain law and order. 

I have told my daughter who is in the police force, that by the time this is happening, you are no longer go home and protect your own family.

His face dropped dramatically and he offered no further convocation. 


Julian Sturdy wants ministers to prioritise easy migration after Brexit, but supports intelligent technology which will remove jobs???

You couldn't make it up!

How do these people get elected?

Three Cabbies have committed suicide in New York in the last  three months, over the collapse of their industry due to Uber. James O,Brien explained why we hold the men who greased Uber's passage into London with such contempt.


Richard busby said...

How can we be to blame for an unskilled migrant driving a sat nav fuelled prius around England on in work tax credits and below the minimum wage for a non tax paying illegal outfit that brings no more to London than deprivation and slavery. Backed by self serving cheapskate that love it for the sense of power it brings slave and master.

Anonymous said...

Don't commit suicide take them bastards out.

Anonymous said...

It appears to be OK for black cab drivers to earn below minimum wage but all hell brakes loose when its unskilled sat guessing uber drivers .no more income tax from black cabby's and none from them anyway what a good forward thinking government god help us

Anonymous said...

they not only contribute nothing in the way of revenue to the government [like their bosses,who pay their tax in the cheapest country they can] they get subsidised by british taxpayers in the form of tax credits and benefits,no wonder the british public voted to get out of europe.