Monday, January 08, 2018

Victims Of Uber Data Breach Are Now Being Joined By Card Fraud Victims

Victims of Uber's customer account data breach have now started to surface. Added to this, are non account holders who's card details have been used to pay for fake Uber journeys. 

Victims have tried to contact Uber on Twitter, currently the only way possible. Most ask for a landline, (you know the one Leon Daniels told the GLA transport committee they definitely had).
To everyone's amazement, Uber still have no land lines for customer queries or complaints. Victims are told to email the company. 

Also, it's no good complaining to the licence regulator TfL, because it's their policy not to deal with PH complaints (unlike licensed Taxi Drivers) but to refer the complainers back to the operators to sort out any complaints. TfL also advise any serious complaints should be made direct to the police. (Talk about passing the buck!!!)

Here is the series of tweets that appeared on Twitter over the weekend.

We know for a fact that TfL are 'Woefully Inadequate' that was the conclusion given when they were investigated by the GLA....but again no action was taken to deal with this, although there has been a few staff changes. 

Because of the way TfL dealt with the fact that Uber are (and never have been) not fit to operated, by the lack of action from TfLTPH, Uber have been allowed to continue, even though their licence has expired. We've been informed by a weak Mayor, the appeal could stretch out over a 3 years period.

We must now get the word out to all victims, from simple theft to sexual assault and rape, that by their actions (or lack of) TfL can and must be held as complicit in any complaint, by fact that their lack of action has allowed an illegal operation to continue.

TfL staff have recently deserted the sinking ship but can always be dragged back to face any charges of alleged corruption or malfeasance.

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