Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Future....The End Of The Road For Those Who Will Not Stand Up And Dave Davies.

Any Taxi drivers who thinks that their job is not at risk and does not protest next week might as well start looking for a new job now.

The cycle lanes are a perfect fit  for these vehicles. Strange coincidence that isn’t it?

Uber wiil overcome all its issues with employment laws because they won’t need drivers or have employees.

They wont need a Private Hire Licence  because there is no driver to engage in a Private Hire booking.

They will have enough money to buy politicians and change the rules to suit their needs.

The London Taxi trade has sat back and let bent politicians and TfL unlawfully license Uber for more than 5 years, building their market and decimating the Taxi trade.

Every Taxi driver needs to ask themselves if they are pleased that they have ignored the message of corruption that I have been banging on about for the last 10 years. No support for Cabbies Against Boris. No support for anything. No backing to expose the corrupt TfL.


I have said its now or never many times before but it really is the end of the road for those who will not stand up and fight and instead choose to lay down and die

This is what is being planned. This is what the future could be. Read this article about Toyota and Uber. Watch the video.


Toyota e-Palette To Use A Mazda Rotary For A Range Extender




Toyota e-Palette To Use A Mazda Rotary For A Range Extender

JAN 12, 2018 AT 1:59 PM 


Toyota has revealed that its e-Palette Concept will use a Mazda-sourced rotary engine as a range extender.

Unveiled at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, the e-Palette Concept imagines a future where Toyota could partner with other companies to develop purpose-built vehicles and mobility solutions. Brands named as partners in the ‘e-Palette Alliance’ include Uber, Amazon, Pizza Hut, and Mazda.

Speaking with Green Car Reports at the Consumer Electronics Show, spokesman for Mazda North America, Jacob Brown, said Mazda’s engineering team will aid in the development of the vehicle’s powertrain, including supplying a rotary range extender.

“Mazda will provide technical information on a (rotary engine) range extender to be used in the vehicle being developed. We will reveal more details at an appropriate time," Brown revealed.

By using a compact, light, and quiet rotary engine, Toyota could fit a smaller and less-expensive battery into the vehicle. If this happens, it would come on the back of admissions from Mazda that its rotary engine could eventually be used as a range extender in electrified vehicles.

As for the e-Palette itself, Toyota imagines the vehicle as being highly customizable and finding use as a package delivery van, ride-sharing vehicle, and a mobile e-commerce vehicle. 

Toyota intends on conducting tests with the vehicle in the early 2020s and could use it as a mobility service for athletes during the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.


Watch this clip




Anonymous said...

Pointless we never win we have never been represented right and this demo will not do anything eather when was the last time you see any Knolwedge excaminers join the protest lol never they will soon be testing PH drivers soon

Super Bob said...

"Find out just what people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them"

Quoted from Frederick Douglass.

I for one have had enough of staying quiet. See you at the protest fellow Taxi drivers!!

Anonymous said...

Much of the apathy is brought about by weak leadership; if there is no show of suppirt by yrade leaders I will be cancelling my subscription. I suggest any other disenfranchised drivers out there should do the same!

Anonymous said...

I think that you’ve missed the point, there will be no drivers to examine if we don’t protest.
Sometimes I despair!
The fat girl

Anonymous said...

Dave unless this fight gets dirty then this corrupt Government will carry on as normal ,The french got dirty and there Government listened Spanish Government Listened Italy Listened and so on and so on and we just block roads which less face it Mayor has done a better job than we could ever do . ITS now time to get DIRTY
Block Heathrow for the day M4 m40 Euro Tunnel Do that for 24 hours and you will see number 10 go into melt down .Last chance or roll over and die .

Anonymous said...

To anon at401 do your home work no one has signed up to the Knolwedge since November 2017 what is that telling you would you really want to do 3 plus year and then sit on a rank and watch PH. Pick up in front of you we have no public support we will all be working from an app